Watch as 4x Gymkhana Grid World Champion Luke Woodham takes on Monster Energy’s Northern Ireland Gymkhana challenge in his LS-powered S14A.

When it comes to Monster Energy Gymkhana videos, we’re pretty well versed. Over the years, Ken Block and Monster Energy has helped popularise the term, with Ken taking on breathtaking drives, performing drifts, jumps, racing through the streets, up mountains, you name it.

So, you understand the concept… Monster Energy set up a Gymkhana challenge a bit closer to home for us, creating a course in Northern Ireland comprising of six main areas; The Farm, The Workshop, The Petrol Station, The Old Town, The Obstacle Course and The Airfield.

Taking on the challenge was Monster Energy’s own Gymkhana star, 4x world champion Luke Woodham. To complete it, he hopped inside of his custom built, by him(!), Nissan S14a, which features a whopping great 630hp LS motor under the bonnet.

Along the way, Luke meets up with Northern Irish professional rally driver, Frank Kelly, in his 300hp Mk2 Ford Escort complete with sequential gearbox.