As part of Hoonigan’s This v That series, they pitch completely opposite cars against each other. This time it’s none other than Cleetus McFarland in a twin turbo Corvette against Travis Pastrana in the 2020 Gymkhana WRX STI.

As far as drag races go, Hoonigan’s This v That series has produced some interesting match ups, with lowriders taking on race cars and highly-modified street cars. This, though, is up there with the wildest of the lot.

Sadly, the two cars Cleetus had lined up both went bang before the meet up and as a result, weren’t able to run. However, all was not lost as he jumped behind the wheel of a friend’s twin turbo Corvette C5 to go racing. Power sits at a cool 850hp but weighs in at 1450kg.

Lining up against Cleetus is none other than Travis Pastrana, he recently donned the Gymkhana gear and went on his very own hoon around his home town (you can watch that here). Underneath the bonnet is a 2.3-litre flat-four Boxer engine tuned to a colossal 862hp. The other factor to take into account is that this is a fully-blown race car, built from the get-go as a Gymkhana weapon, meaning no corners were cut in the build process. As a result, it weighs in at under 1200kg, taking its power to weight ratio to around 724bhp. To put that into perspective, the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport has a power to weight ratio of 627bhp/tonne…

Now here’s the catch, there had to be one… Travis completes his run by hitting a jump at the end!