Welcome to Fast Car TV! With awesome builds, new products, tech talks and which cars we’d buy to modify, think of it as the magazine…but moving and talking. In this episode, Jules from Fast Car is joined by his boss, Phil Weeden, to discuss retro project cars for under £2000 and get an exclusive scoop on the modified Escort RS Turbo set to dominate the show scene! Make sure you check out Ep16 here and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel

It’s very rare you see a retro car build like this go to so many lengths to produce what will be a world-beating show cars. Those looking at this for the first time, this is a series 2 modified Escort RS Turbo built by Carl from Players Show. Finished in Porsche Rubystone Red (otherwise known as pink), it perfectly showcases what can be done given the time and vision.

We could spend all day talking about what has gone into this build, but there’s a far easier way of doing that and that is by picking up a copy of Fast Car. We had first look in when it came to this Escort and somehow it has managed to stay off of social media until the magazine on-sale date (Friday 25th September).

Not only do Phil and Jules discuss this week’s feature car, but they also delve into what projects each of them would buy with a £2000 budget. Phil, on the one hand who already owns an Audi TT, would unsurprisingly spend his money on a, you guessed it, Audi TT. The VAG 1.8 turbo engine is a tried and tested motor that we know is highly tuneable, so a great basis to start. Jules, on the other hand, would take a more nostalgic approach and return to our roots with a Citroen Saxo VTS/VTR. Prices are fairly low at the moment for a tidy Saxo, but we all know that won’t last too long.