Watch the Czinger 21C Laguna Seca lap record run as it beats the McLaren Senna by an impressive 2.2 seconds around the Californian circuit.

Completing the lap in 1:25.44 seconds, the Czinger 21C, piloted by US racing driver Joel Miller, takes the lap record from the McLaren Senna, which had completed the Laguna Seca lap in 1:27.62 seconds. Watch that lap below:

What is the Czinger 21C?

The Czinger 21C is an all-new, exclusive hypercar designed and built in the USA. It uses an in-house turbocharged, 2.8-litre V8 engine (that revs to 11krpm!), which is supported by two electric motors to produce 1233bhp. This power is sent through a seven-speed semi-auto gearbox to an all-wheel drive system with the two electric motors powering either front wheels.

Czinger claims its using cutting edge technology to produce a car that weighs just 1240kg, and produces 2500kg of downforce at 200mph in its most aggressive aerodynamic settings.

The resulting power figures and lightweight carbon-fibre construction, Czinger claims a quarter-mile time of just 8.1 seocnds, with a top speed of 281mph and a 0-62mph sprint time of just 1.9 seconds. It’s also claiming that 0-186mph takes just 8.5 seconds and 0-248mph (400kph) takes 27.1 seconds!

That’s not the wildest aspect of the Czinger 21C, though, no. The record holders that Czinger has beaten in this latest Laguna Seca feat are no strangers to unusual seating positions. We’re talking about the McLaren F1 and its central seating postion here. Well, the Czinger 21C has that too, but it also had a passenger seat directly behind the driver, you know, like a fighter jet. In Czinger’s words, it’s designed for “optimal performance and weight distribution’. Either way, it’s cool as hell! Just 80 cars will be built and we can only imagine the price tag attached to them…