We caught up with serial modifier Steve Fraser, who’s constantly-evolving bagged Audi R8 V10 is a true testament that a good modified car is never truly finished.

Some of you may well recognise Steve Fraser from his S30BMX YouTube channel and social media presence. His ever-growing army of followers is well deserved as he somehow manages to put out regular good quality material for his own channel and that of his sponsors as an automotive content creator whilst still working full-time as a British Gas engineer. Don’t do socials but still recognise him from somewhere? His old Mk6 Golf GTI was featured in sister-title Performance VW twice. You guessed it, it changed so much that a further article was felt fitting to showcase its development back in January 2015.

At the time, the South East London-born then twenty-two-year-old was living in Kent but has now made the move north of the border and resides just outside of Glasgow with his Scottish wife Becca. “Bec is not quite as obsessed with the scene as I am but she enjoys the shows and appreciates a nice car as the photos of her Porsche Macan will testify. It’s a 2018 2.0-litre TFSI model. It’s got an APR Stage 1 file, a Forge intercooler, Rotiform BTLs and Air Lift Performance 3H suspension. We’re both delighted with how it turned out.”

carbon fibre bonnet on bagged Audi R8 v10

Steve’s car history

Steve started his automotive journey fairly typically at the age of 17 with a Polo 9N3 1.2. He fitted this with a subwoofer and used it as transportation for travelling around various skate parks as a budding young semi-professional BMXer. As with a lot of extreme sports guys, the ‘boys and their toys’ progression into the world of cars felt like a pretty natural one. It wasn’t long before Steve was attending shows such as GTI International where the influence of the drag strip and the modified metal on display was being hungrily absorbed by his young mind.

A Golf Mk5 1.4 TSI was a decent upgrade over the Polo and this was followed by the aforementioned Mk6 Golf GTI that PVW had the pleasure of featuring twice. This beauty was a comprehensive show car build with a spec list that included a fully custom trimmed interior (with matching Alcantara engine, battery and fuse box covers!), rear seat delete with Car Audio Security air and ICE install, 19” Rotiform MHG wheels and a Revo tuned 300bhp engine. Stage 3 tuned Audis were next on the wish list in the form of an S3 8V Saloon and latterly a Mk3 TTRS.

stanced audi r8 v10

Choosing the Audi R8 V10

“Going right back to the early days of Instagram, I remember seeing a second-generation Audi R8 in black that had been bagged by a guy called Wayne Simpson. It was a real moment for me, it looked so good. I looked at it and knew that I needed to make it happen.” Fast forward to November 2019 and hardworking Steve had indeed made it happen. He bought it sight unseen from lauded high-end dealers Premier Sports Solutions who sent him a lot of images and videos. The car was as described and having owned a particularly spicy TTRS just beforehand, it needed to impress. Safe to say the Suzuka Grey 2016 5.2-litre V10 Gen 2 R8 with its celestial 8,700rpm rev-limit, seven-speed twin-clutch ‘S tronic’ gearbox and rear-biased all-wheel drive delivered the goods with aplomb.

Adding air ride suspension

Steve lives by the mantra that “Everything looks better on air.” It didn’t take long for the R8 to go this route. “This was the development car for Car Audio Security and Airlift UK. There wasn’t an off-the-shelf solution for the second generation R8 prior to this one being perfected on this car. It’s turned out fantastically and it’s pretty cool that this is the first one. There is now an off-the-shelf solution for the platform and the Lamborghini Huracan that it is twinned with. Whilst I like to do most things myself, I was more than happy to leave the kit development, installation, 3H management fitment and accompanying ‘frunc’ build in Car Audio Security’s capable hands.”

aeria shot of bagged Audi R8 v10

Bagged Audi R8 exterior modifications

Perfect stance isn’t achieved with air ride alone and thankfully Rotiform came good with the KPS wheels. The single piece beauts measure up at 20×9.5” at the front and a girthy 20×11” at the rear. The killer rolling stock package is shod in 235/30/20 and 285/30/20 Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S tyres. “I’m pretty good at visualising a project and following the tradition of many of my builds, I knew it had to be dripping in carbon fibre. The bonnet is by CARBONID and the interior trim panels are actually hydro-dipped. The rest of it is from Automotive Passion including their side skirts, V-style spoiler, vent covers, and side blades. I didn’t used to be a fan of the facelift front bumper but when I saw Automotive Passion’s accompanying aggressive front lip I just had to have that combo on the car.”

bagged Audi R8 v10 interior

Bagged Audi R8 V10 interior modifications

Steve had already had his seat centres finished in charcoal Alcantara by Optimus Trimmers. He was inspired by images of a German R8 online sporting a full Alcantara interior. The seats were sent back to Optimus who trimmed the bolsters to match with red contrast stitching and Steve applied Alcantara to the dash and centre console. This ties in smartly with the factory Alcantara headliner and pillars. The Carbon Steering UK steering wheel with LED rev counter is the icing on the stylish cockpit cake. The OEM Bang & Olufsen hi-fi is almost as much of a treat for the ears as that screaming V10 amplified yet further through the titanium Quicksilver exhaust. An APR Stage 1 remap gives the R8 640bhp meaning that this supercar has both mouth and trousers.

carbon rear diffuser

Colour changing

Nearby KW Kustoms carry out all of the ever-changing vinyl wraps. Oracal Chalk Grey vinyl was initially applied. This was then changed up for the Black Cherry Ice Teckwrap, which is a very close match to the sought-after Audi Merlin Purple. Then, it switched back to its factory Suzuka Grey with Automotive Passion wider LMS-style side blades and Vossen LC3-01 forged monoblock alloy wheels (20×9” up front and 21×12.5” out back).

Now, after unveiling it in March, it’s sporting Inozetek’s new 2024 colour recently released at SEMA 2023.  “Their vinyl range is renowned for its paint-like finish and we’re super excited to be using their striking Pearl Marigold Orange. Miami-based Vossen has supplied the first set of their new ERA-6 three-piece splits which measure up at 20×9” up front and 21×12.5” at the back and feature polished lips and brushed satin centres with a clear finish.”

Vossen Wheels

What’s next?

2024 looks set to be an exciting one for Steve and his channel. “Bec’s Macan will be getting a new set of wheels and I’m going to be documenting my journey into the world of drifting with Dragon Energy. My brother used to campaign an S13 180SX 12 or 13 years ago but he’s been busy with his training and subsequent career as a British Airways pilot. I’ve rescued it off his driveway and I’ve got some good teachers here up here in Scotland with Crail and Driftland not too far away.

We’re excited to get amongst it and the introduction of a motorsport angle will provide a nice bit of diversity for the content. They’ll probably be yet another colour change for the R8 later on in the year but I don’t know what yet. I don’t do the whole planning six months in advance thing but when an idea pops into my head, I want it done yesterday.” We told you he has unfinished business and long may it continue.

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rear 3/4 shot of bagged Audi R8 v10