If you’re looking for the ultimate in fancy waxes, look no further. Here’s our list of the world’s most expensive car waxes. 

Everyone who’s into detailing loves a nice fancy car wax for those special occasions. When the weather is just right, and you want your ride to look its best, you break out the fancy stuff. We’re not talking about your go-to spray coating, wet wax, or bargain tub of paste wax.

We’re talking about something seriously fancy. The wax you spent time seriously researching before you splashed out on it. The wax that makes you feel like a baller every time you break it out. We’re talking about the world’s most expensive car waxes.

But no matter how much of a baller you might think you are, unless you’ve bought even the cheapest wax on our list, you’re not. Even the most affordable wax on this list will make you sweat when you’re about to commit to buying it. And the most expensive will require you to sell the car you’re trying to wax. And also your house.

Where different sizes are available, we’ve chosen the one that makes this the fairest comparison. So you might be able to treat yourself to a sample of one of these top-end waxes without having to sell everything you own to afford it. Without further ado, here’s our list of the world’s most expensive car waxes.

World’s Most Expensive Car Waxes

World's Most Expensive Car Waxes Zymö Solaris

Zymöl Solaris

Price: $62,151

Reading the description for Solaris makes it sound like something straight out of someone’s wildest detailing dreams. First of all, not only does Solaris have a badass name, but each one is blended to your exact formula by Zymol. That makes each one completely unique. The container itself is a pyramid, and each one is handmade to order, taking 26 weeks to build. Then, from what we can gather, you put the pyramid into sunlight. It then uses the sun’s power to heat the mixing cup in the center to 190°F to melt the ingredients and create your customer glaze. What in the World of Warcraft is this sorcery? It’s certainly special, and you get lifetime refills too, which is a nice touch for your $60,000…

World's Most Expensive Car Waxes Zymöl Royale

Zymöl Royale Glaze

Price: $10,649

Oh, would you look at that, it’s Zymöl again! And it won’t be the last time we’ll be seeing one of its waxes on this list, either. Royale isn’t just a fancy way of spelling royal. This glaze was originally developed for a 1920 Bugatti Royale, of which only about 6 were ever built. A Bugatti Royale would set you back somewhere in the region of $6 million, so it deserves a suitable expensive wax. Zymöl Royale is handmade to order and comes in a unique dual-cavity acrylic container. You also get free refills for life on this wax, always a bonus.

World's Most Expensive Car Waxes Zymöl Vintage

Zymöl Vintage Glaze

Price: $2874
Bordering on the affordable compared with the previous two entries comes Zymöl’s third appearance on this list. Vintage Glaze is based on a custom formula that was developed for a 1947 Bentley Mark VI Cabriolet by Franay. FYI, one of those will set you back north of $400,000. So what does your near-$3k wax offer? Vintage Glaze’s ingredients include evergreen, honeydew, coconut, cantaloupe and sunflower oils, which makes it sound like a fancy shampoo. As with Zymol’s other offerings on our list, you get a unique acrylic container and lifetime refills.

World's Most Expensive Car Waxes Chemical Guys Innovate wax

Chemical Guys Innovate Paste Wax

Price: $2737

Finally a wax not from Zymol! Chemical Guys Innovate is more than just a carnauba wax, though it does have plenty of the good stuff in there. Innovate features Carbon Flex vehicle coating technology, which Chemical Guys says will make this wax last over 12 months. Innovate is handcrafted in LA, and it comes in a CNC aluminum case. This closes with four bolts and features an O-ring seal to keep the wax safe from air and moisture. The only place we could find it for sale was Europe. So if you’re spending almost $3k on a wax why not have a long weekend in The Netherlands and pick it up yourself from Chemical Guys’ European HQ?

Zymöl Atlantique Glaze expensive car wax

Zymöl Atlantique Glaze

Price: $1851

We’re back with Zymöl again because this company can’t stop producing ultra-fancy waxes. In the case of Atlantique, it’s got some serious swagger because it was originally designed for none other than Ralph Lauren. Mr. Lauren had a 937 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantique and wanted the ultimate wax for his $40 million car. Zymöl whipped up a special custom formula for him, and you can give your car a similar treatment. With clove, coconut, cinnamon bark and sunflower oils blended with 60% Brazilian No. 1 white carnauba, it’s seriously fancy stuff that will make any car look awesome.

World's Most Expensive Car Waxes Swissvax Carat wax

Swissvax Carat

Price: $1650 200ml ($490 50ml)

Sitting down to write this list, we were expecting to see a lot more of Swissvax on it. But at last, we have the first of two Swissvax entries. Annoyingly, Swissvax doesn’t give you much info about the wax you’re about to drop $1650 on. What we know is that Carat contains 81% carnauba, along with PTFE. That’s basically Teflon. That combo means you get the warmth of a carnauba wax with the durability of PTFE, for the best of both worlds. Ultimate shine and resistance – what more could you want from a wax? A lower price tag, maybe…

Swissvax Crystal Rock

Swissvax Crystal Rock

Price: $1149 200ml, buy now. £345 50ml, buy now

Our second Swissvax entry, Crystal Rock certainly sounds very impressive. Swissvax calls it a “state-of-the-art wax, for a high-end detailing experience,” and that’s almost enough to get us reaching for our wallet. Crystal Rock boasts 76% by volume of grade one carnauba and delivers a deep gloss and mirror-like reflection on your paint. Applied properly, Crystal Rock will last 6 months, and you’ll enjoy applying it because it smells like apricots and exotic fruits. Unless you’re allergic to fancy fruits, that is.

chemical guys project n97 car wax expensive

Chemical Guys Project J97

Price: $1064.99

What’s in a name? Well according to Chemical Guys lore, it took the team 97 attempts to create the perfect wax formula, hence J97. At the heart of that formula, you will find a pure blend of refined white Brazilian carnauba wax. And J97 has some of the highest carnauba wax contents of any Chemical Guys wax. J97 also undergoes a 9-stage filtering process as it is mixed using a blend of rare oils, fruit and nut extracts, and an aerospace industry sealant to enhance the product’s durability. And it is durable, with Chemical Guys stating that J97 should last 12 months. And of course, it also delivers intense gloss, shine, and extreme water sheeting. It almost sounds like good value for money.

Zymöl Destiny Glaze car wax

Zymöl Destiny Glaze

Price: $1046, buy now

You never saw this coming – yes, another Zymöl wax! But it’s the last one, we promise. Because the list is almost over. Destiny sounds fancy, and as with all Zymöl waxes, there’s a story behind it. This one is based on the formula first used on the 1930 Duesenberg “J” Murphy Convertible Sedan owned by classic car enthusiast, Bruce Meyer. If it’s good enough for a $1 million Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance car, it’s good enough for your BM, Ford, VW or whatever else you might drive. Destiny uses a blend of Floridian and Brazilian white carnauba, along with pure almond oil. All of that combined means deep gloss, a brilliant shine, and an extremely hydrophobic finish.

Mitchell & King Serpine and Lily wax

Mitchell & King Serpine and Lily

Price: $720 (30ml $132)

Our final top-end wax entry is actually two waxes from Mitchell & King, which is based in Scotland. The company makes a wide range of luxury waxes, with some presented in stunning containers that are true works of art. But this list is all about the wax, so we’ve picked Serpine and Lily, and a 6 fl. oz jar of either one will set you back $720.

Serpine has been designed to deliver a seriously wet shine and will make your metallic flake really pop. You also get great reflectivity and depth, and the best beading in the M&K range. Lily, meanwhile, is all about gloss. We’re not kidding, it’s been designed to deliver the ultimate gloss possible, as requested by a collector. It’s blended using natural oils with a 5-star rating for gloss, and the results it delivers look spectacular. And at this price, either one of these is a wax from this list you might actually try.

For advice on how to apply car wax, visit our guide here.