1. Michael J. Fox just loves a Honda Integra.

2. All Leonardo DiCaprio wants in life is a Civic EK. Maybe one day Leonardo…

3. Senna loves the Honda Prelude. It helps him express is carackta (whatever that is).

4. This guy wants to you to imagine the Honda DC5. He’s kind of annoying and we think we prefer Keiichi Tsuchiya’s home made version (see below)

5. Hans Solo doesn’t want a Millennium Falcon, he wants a Honda Legend. Top warp speed of 112mph don’t you know.

6. This is an advert for the Honda CR-X. What’s it about? Errr… no idea.

7. Apparently it’s Happy Honda Civic Day. Very catchy, ahhhh get it out of my head!

8. Horses, some Bolero (that’s the music for the uncultured amongst us) and a Honda Bolero (see what Honda did there). What more do you need eh?

9. Jodie Foster just kicked in yo! She’s loves a bit of VTEC.

10. All the girls love a Honda Civic EG. Here’s the proof.