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Top 10 Winter Car Tips

Top 10 Winter Car Tips

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 1st November 2016

Unless some sort of nuclear warhead has been dropped on your local Wetherspoons since I’ve written this, I’m guessing it’s pretty cold and miserable wherever you are in the UK. Barring those who have an Eskimo fetish, you probably think the British winter sucks as much as I do. Am I right, or am I right?

Now, unfortunately, we can’t all bugger off to Barbados until next April but, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make the most of the next few months. Don’t go into modding hibernation just yet. Instead think of winter as a golden opportunity. An opportunity to bolt together your dream car, plan your next project or brush up on your snow rally skills in the local car park.

To keep the smiles this season, there’s loads of things that can be done. And even more essentials to make life just that bit more bearable. So, with that in mind here’s our top 10 winter tips to help you punch Jack Frost right in the mush. Have that you cold-weather-waging bastard!

Winter Car Tips


If you’ve dropped some serious wedge on the perfect set of polished three-piece wheels this summer, trust me, they’ll look far better sitting in your living room than on your car corroding away because of all the grime and salt on the road. If you’re insisting on keeping them on the car you’ll need an intensive cleaning and sealing regime and who can be bothered with all that? It’s bloody cold outside!

Consider this too: because of the freezing temperatures you’re far more likely to slide out and hit a curb, and that’s gonna seriously ruin
your Christmas. It’s estimated that there’s an extra 250,000 accidents every year in the UK as a direct result of the winter weather. And wheels are by far the most commonly damaged item.

Of course, the best solution is to swap them out for some winter wheels that can take the hit. And there’s plenty of entry-level hoops out there that can serve as a decent substitute. Don’t make the mistake of thinking your winter wheels have to be shite either. Most modern painted or powder-coated finishes will stand up to winter effectively if you’re careful. And we all know there’s plenty of budget items on the market that cost far less to maintain and replace than a set of summer spankers. They don’t necessarily have to be a different size either. Then again, European-style steelies with big chunky tyres always look badass too!

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