Gtechniq’s Ceramic GWash both cleans and protects the paintwork of your vehicle at the same time. But how does it differ from the regular GWash shampoo, and do you need it for your car?

Why Choose Gtechniq’s Car Shampoos?

Gtechniq’s GWash has been the go-to car shampoo for dedicated car enthusiasts for many years. It’s a pH-neutral shampoo that has been specifically designed to work in harmony with the company’s highly revered ceramic coatings.

This advanced formula produces a high-foaming shampoo that effectively breaks the bond between dirt and the surface but also lubricates dirt particles, minimizing the risk of micro-scratches and swirl marks. With a pleasant cherry fragrance and its 100% biodegradable nature, G Wash takes the car washing experience to the next level.

But now, the clever chemists at Gtechniq have taken the famous GWash formula and added ceramic protection to it. The aptly named Ceramic GWash goes beyond basic cleaning. This ceramic-infused shampoo not only cleans your vehicle but also adds a layer of hydrophobic protection to the paintwork. By enhancing the gloss and water repellency of your car’s surface, Ceramic GWash makes it easier to maintain and dry your paint. You can use it alone or as a booster for existing ceramic coatings, ensuring the longest-lasting protection for your prized possession.

GWash RRP: $22.99, buy now. £19.99, buy now.
Ceramic GWash RRP: $27.99, buy now. £19.98, buy now.

What’s the difference between GWash and Ceramic GWash?

There are a few important differences between GWash and Ceramic GWash. The most notable when using them both is the lack of foam from Ceramic GWash. This is because the ceramic additives in the shampoo prevent it from foaming. But don’t worry. Foaming doesn’t affect the cleaning power, instead, it’s purely there to make it feel nicer to use.

pouring Ceramic GWash into measuring cap

How to use GWash and Ceramic GWash

Another key difference between the two is the amount of product needed. The recommended amount for GWash is 20ml (two caps) for light dirt or up to 40ml (four caps) for a dirty car mixed with 20 litres of warm water.

As with all ceramic coating products, when using the Ceramic GWash you need to be a little more precise and the bottle comes with a dedicated measuring cap to help you get the correct amounts. You should add 20ml per 10-liters of water, so the same 40ml for a typical 20-liter bucket, meaning you’ll still get the same number of washes from a bottle as you would with regular GWash.

It’s also worth pointing out that Gtechniq recommends using cold water and advises only applying to a cold surface – so no washing a black car that’s been stood out in the sun all day! Ceramic additives don’t like hot surfaces, so for best results follow Gtechniq’s advice.

Ceramic GWash being applied to wash mitt

Adding more protection with Ceramic GWash

You can use Ceramic GWash in the same way you would use regular GWash, but for an extra level of protection and to really get your paintwork beading up, you can apply a second coat. After washing your car, simply pour 10ml of Ceramic GWash directly onto your wash mitt, and then run around the car wiping it all over. This adds another hydrophobic layer that means dirt won’t stick to your paintwork and provides that beautiful beading car enthusiasts crave.

Car being washed

Which Gtechniq car shampoo is right for my car?

Choosing between GWash and Ceramic GWash will come down to personal preference. Regular GWash is a well-proven product, is pH-neutral and contains no additives. It’s a fantastic, reliable, and excellent all-rounder. For owners who don’t want any additives in their shampoo or have had their car ceramic coated separately using something like Gtechniq’s Crystal Serum Ultra or Exo coatings, then GWash is a trusty shampoo that will safely remove dirt without stripping off any previously applied protection.

Ceramic GWash is ideal for owners who are looking to apply some extra protection to their paintwork, quickly and easily. It leaves behind a hydrophobic layer that repels water and dirt and is not more difficult or time-consuming to apply than simply washing your car! Plus, if your car is already coated, Ceramic GWash adds a top-up layer to further enhance the appearance and add another layer of protection.

Whichever you choose, you can’t go wrong. And with fantastic products like these readily available, there really is no excuse for rocking a dirty ride. So, grab some GWash or Ceramic GWash today, and keep your looking fantastic.