As part of a new series, we’re taking a closer look at some of the brilliant car clubs that make our shows so incredible. This week we caught up with Oval Owners Club ahead of Ford Fair Silverstone.

With Ford Fair selling out all club tickets more than a month prior to the event, the Oval Owners Club is one such club that will be on display with a huge presence. In fact, 170 cars are expected to be on display at Ford Fair 2024! We got in touch with Advan Jenkins, one of the club’s 15(!) admins, to talk about how the club formed, which shows they’ll be attending this year and how you can be a part of the fun.

When was the Oval Owners Club founded?

On a very cold 14th January, 2017, on a now demolished Pub called the Darlaston Inn in Stone, all our meets are held monthly in Festival Park.

Classic Fords meet

How many members does the club have?

  • Facebook – 16k
  • Instagram – 11.4k
  • TikTok – 6k

Which models does the Oval Owners Club cater for?

We cater for all Fords, from a Fiesta all the way up to a 1700t, we are lucky to have some very nice cars in the group. Everyone is welcome!

Ford Fair

What does the club offer new members?

Being part of the group means you can attend events on our club stand, take part in driveouts and attend our monthly meet, held at Autobrite, our club’s sponsor. We’ve also thrown the occasional Christmas party, too, which you can look forward to!

We also offer a Club Classics night in Leek throughout the summer for pre-2000 cars. It’s a joy to see all the older, iconic cars come out.

What shows and events does the club usually attend?

We attend all the large Ford shows so you can be sure to see us at one of the many events this summer. These events include:

  • All Kelsey We have 170 cars on display at Ford Fair this year and we are going to Trax and FordFest too.
  • We also attend Ford National day & RSOC national day
  • We also try to attend some smaller shows locally in Stoke
  • We try to do a couple of run outs to Wales as well across the year
Mustang Mach 1

What’s the best thing about being a member of the Oval Owners club?

Honestly, being in the club is like being a part of a family. There are no judgements on the car you drive, we cater for all enthusiasts. If you want to come take photos you can, if you want to catch up with likeminded people and get advice or tips, you can do that too.  All our events are static so you don’t have to worry about any accidents or anti-social behavior.

Sum up the club in 3 words

Passionate, family oriented  and LARGE.

Escort RS Turbo

Where do you see the Oval Owners club in five years?

We’re already one of the largest groups in the Ford scene, but we see the club continuing to grow, welcoming more and more members.  

We have just undergone a logo rebrand, and have redesigned our merchandise. You can see our brand new gazebo and flags that we have launched for the 2024 season at Ford Fair.

Club info/social media channels

Facebook – @Oval Owners Club

Insta – @ovalowners

TikTok – Ovalownersclub

Oval owners club meet at autobrite

Club Supporters

Finally, I want to say a big shoutout to the following brands for supporting the Oval Owners Club:

  • Autobrite Direct
  • Collins Performance
  • Need to Insure
  • Matt Lewis Motorsport

If you want to chat to the Oval Owners Club about being a part of the group, then you can meet with them at our events this summer. Get your tickets below: