You’ve just had your car wrapped, and it looks amazing, but how do you keep it looking amazing? Here’s how to detail a wrapped car. 

Detailing a wrapped car isn’t that different from detailing a normal car, but there are some key differences. Our guide on how to detail a wrapped car will ensure you keep your wrap looking its best and that you don’t damage it. The main thing you need to keep in mind is that vinyl is softer than paint, so you have to be gentle with it. This means you need to stay away from harsh cleaning products and abrasives to help keep your vinyl wrap in the best shape possible. Oh, and make sure you’re using a decent wash mitt.

How to detail a wrapped car

1. Pre-Wash

The first thing you’ll want to do is to rinse off any dirt on your car. You can use snow foam on a wrapped car, but avoid anything too harsh. Pick a pH-neutral foam, and make sure you don’t let it dwell any longer than the instructions tell you to.

How To Detail A Wrapped Car snow foam

You can use a pressure washer throughout the whole washing process, but there are rules you have to follow. First of all, ensure the water temperature is below 80°C, which won’t be a problem for anyone using a pressure washer at home. Secondly, make sure the pressure is below 2000 psi. Again, this won’t be an issue for anyone using an average home pressure washer.

Make sure that you keep the nozzle at least 30cm/12” away from the surface of your car. And make sure you keep the nozzle perpendicular (at 90°) to the bodywork. This will ensure you don’t accidentally get the water jet beneath the edge of the wrap. This can cause the wrap to lift, which you definitely don’t want.

2. Washing

As with any car, washing a wrapped car requires you to use the correct equipment and procedure. We don’t want to see any sponges, for starters and make sure you’re not washing in direct sun.

How To Detail A Wrapped Car washing

You want to use the two-bucket method, with at least one bucket equipped with a grit guard. Next, you want a super-soft microfiber wash mitt or pad. For the shampoo, you want a pH-neutral one that’s not got any wax or gloss enhancers in it. Check out our list of the best pure shampoos here. Now you can simply wash your car as you would normally.

3. Drying And Protecting

How To Detail A Wrapped Car drying

It is recommended to let the car air dry, but you can dry it gently by hand. Use a large, ultra-plush drying towel, and pat the car dry. Avoid the edges of the wrap, as you don’t want to catch it and cause it to lift.

You can now apply a wax to protect the vinyl and enhance the gloss. Stay away from paste waxes, as application and removal will be problematic. Instead, opt for a spray wax or sealant, which will be much easier to use on vinyl and will give great results.

4. Maintenance

The most important thing with a vinyl wrap is to remove bird poo as soon as possible. Left for any length of time, it can cause damage to the vinyl wrap. Soak stains like this in hot, soapy water and then wipe them away gently.

How To Detail A Wrapped Car