With a pressure washer, cleaning your car becomes so much easier – here’s our pick of the best car pressure washers you can buy.

With car detailing, it’s all about making life easier for yourself, and a car pressure washer will do that. Not only will a pressure washer blast dirt off with ease, but they also use less water than a normal hose.

A pressure washer makes the pre-wash process much more effective, and you can read our pre-wash guide here. Car pressure washers rinse better and help you wash better, and that means your car will be cleaner. You can spend a fortune on a car pressure washer, but there’s really no need. We’ve picked four that are very reasonably priced, deliver impressive performance, and suit a variety of needs. You’ll be very happy with any of these, and they’ll really improve your washing experience. 

Best Car Pressure Washer In 2024

Kärcher car pressure washer

Kärcher K3 Power Control

RRP: $179.99, buy now. £149.99, buy now.

For many people, Kärcher is pressure washers, and the company has an overwhelming array of products. Prices and performance vary greatly, but we didn’t want to go for something over the top. The K3 Power Control hits the sweet spot in terms of performance, features and value for money.

First of all, it’s small. It’s just 68cm tall, has wheels, and a telescopic handle and weighs just 4.4kg, making it very easy to move around. The generous 7-metre-long hose means you’ll have plenty of reach when washing your car. You get two spray lances, and the power is adjustable, with an LED readout on the handle. It delivers up to 120 bar and a flow rate of 380lph. There’s no hose reel, but that’s about the only negative. Small, light, and powerful, the K3 Power Control is an excellent choice of car pressure washer.

In fact, I currently own a K3 Karcher and can personally recommend it. With multiple pressures available, it’s easy to use and has lasted me around 5 years so far without fault. The only issue I had was the small hose length, this was fixed by purchasing a longer hose. Simple.

Nilfisk car pressure washer

Nilfisk Core 130 Power Control

RRP: £164.99, buy now.

Nilfisk makes some exceptional pressure washers, and its Core 130 is very impressive. We like the integrated hose reel, while the 6-metre Ultraflex hose is durable and reduces the risk of kinks and knots. You also get a rotating lance and gentle and rough nozzles. The Power Control dial allows you to quickly and easily adjust the pressure.

At full power, you’ve got 130 bar of pressure and a 462lph flow rate. The Core 130 also features a durable aluminum pump, a big selling point. This is an impressive and very well-designed car pressure washer that performs very well.

Turtle Wax TW110

RRP: £63.24, buy now (not available in the US).

If you’re short on space and are looking for a compact car pressure washer, this is a great choice. The diminutive Turtle Wax TW110 has a footprint barely bigger than an A4 piece of paper. It weighs just 3.6kg too, making it super easy to carry. But just because it’s small in stature doesn’t mean it’s small in performance.

With 110 bar of pressure and a flow rate of 330lph, it can handle all your pressure-washing needs. It comes with a 5-metre hose, a power lance and a spray nozzle, with onboard storage for everything. Throw in a very affordable price, and you can’t go wrong with the Turtle Wax TW110.

Titan TTB1800PRW

RRP: £99.99, buy now.

Big on power and low on price, this Titan car pressure washer is great value. The stats are impressive, with 140 bar water pressure and a 440lph flow rate. This means it’s got some serious power and will tackle whatever you throw at it with ease. It comes well equipped, too, with an extension lance, adjustable and rotary nozzles, plus a mini patio cleaner. There’s also a 6-metre super soft PVC hose and a quick lock and release anti-tangle system. If you want a pressure washer that gets the job done and done well, the Titan is what you need.

How to buy the best car pressure washer

There are a couple of things you need to look out for when buying a pressure washer. The first of which is its ability to control and adjust pressure. What is suitable for your garden patio won’t be suitable for your car’s paintwork. You don’t want to damage paint here, however you do want enough pressure to be able to remove dirt. Next, you want a pressure washer that can deliver this pressure consistently.

How were the best car pressure washers chosen?

While not all of the pressure washers above have been tested by a member of the Fast Car team, they have been recommended based on features that we know are essential for car detailing. In fact, I currently own a Karcher K3 pressure washer and have found it to be one of the better pressure washers on the market. That being said, I have used products from each of the brands above and have found them all to be great, which is why I haven’t picked any winners here. They all come with good customer reviews, have features that allow them to be suited more to car detailing and above all, offer comprehensive warranties for peace of mind, too.