Now that your car is clean, your wheels are sparkling, it’s time to apply the tire shine for that final detailing touch. Here’s how to apply it correctly. 

You know about cleaning your tires, but it’s also important to protect your tires. Applying a tire shine (tyre dressing in the UK) to your sidewalls leaves them looking glossy and black, it also prevents unsightly brown staining. Not only that, but it also stops dirt from adhering to them, and protects the rubber from cracking and UV damage. As a result, tire shine is an essential part of the car detailing process. Luckily, it’s a very quick and easy one, too. Here’s our guide on how to apply tire shine.

1. Ensure Your Tires Are Clean

Apply tire shine product to applicator

There is no point applying tire shine onto dirt. Tire shine should be applied after you’ve washed your car and cleaned your wheels. If you’re using a liquid or gel tire dressing, begin by putting some on your applicator of choice. This can be a dedicated tire applicator sponge or a simple generic foam applicator; either one is absolutely fine and will do a good job.

2. Run The Applicator Around the Tire

Cover the whole tire with dressing

Apply the tire shine by running the applicator around the tire sidewall, being careful to avoid the tread. Tire shine is slippery stuff so you want to keep it away from there.

If your sponge starts going dry midway, simply apply some more product, and keep going until the sidewall is completely coated.

3. Wipe away excess tire shine

Applying tire shine to a tire

Wipe off any excess tire shine that may have got onto the wheel. It won’t do any harm, but we’re here do to a proper job and make sure everything is nice and neat. Now repeat the process for the other tires, and it’s job done! Stand back and admire your lovely shiny black sidewalls.

How to apply spray-on tire shine

Tire shine can come in a spray can

If you’re using a product in a spray can, then it’s even easier. Simply spray the sidewall from a small distance away and try to apply a nice even coating. As before, try to keep the spray off the tire tread itself. Finish off by wiping away any overspray on the edge of the alloy wheel, and that’s it!

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Words: Elizabeth de Latour & Matt Bell.