Say goodbye to subpar drying towels and discover the ultimate secret to achieving a sleek and spotless finish for your car with Gtechniq’s MF2 and MF4 Drying Towels. Choose between traditional terry or high-performance diamond weave microfiber towels and take your car care routine to the next level.

You’re a car enthusiast. Therefore, keeping your ride in pristine condition is likely to be a top priority. And when it comes to the important task of drying, using the right towel can make all the difference.
We spoke to Gtechniq to find out more about two different microfibre drying towels the company offers; the MF2 and MF4.

What’s Wrong With A Chamois?

Before we look in detail at the high-performance microfibre towels available, let’s start with the traditional chamois leather. Made from animal skin, this older technology may have been the standard many years ago, but today it’s simply not the best option for drying modern cars with modern paintwork. While it may be okay for basic drying purposes, it lacks the desired water-absorbent properties and requires more care.

hands on drying towel

Why a Microfiber Towel is Better

The superior choice for modern car drying is undoubtedly microfiber towels. These towels come in many variants with several different weaves and styles to choose from. Gtechniq offers two different products: the MF2 – a thick terry towel style, and the MF4 – a diamond weave drying towel.

close up of terry towel fabric

Thick Terry Towels

Known for their plushness and easy maintenance, thick terry towels like the MF2 are a popular choice among car enthusiasts. With their excellent absorbency and machine-washable nature, they provide an all-round solution for drying needs.

close up of diamond weave fabric

Diamond Weave Microfiber Towels

If you have a sealant or ceramic coated car, or you wax your car regularly, diamond weave towels like the MF4 are a superb option. The diamond weave structure makes these towels super thick, ensuring maximum absorption. The diamond weave gives these towels an impressive surface area for high absorption – unpicked, the weave in these towels is gigantic!

How to Use and Care for Drying Towels

Caring for your drying towel is a doddle. First up, to maintain the performance of your drying towel, it is recommended to wash them in a 40-degree cycle. However, it’s crucial to avoid using fabric conditioners as they can coat the towel’s pores, reducing its water absorbency. For best results, skip the fabric softeners.

After washing, simply leave your towels to air dry. This will help avoid any potential fabric damage or shrinking. Remember, drying towels are most effective when they are allowed to air dry.

man using drying towel on roof of a car

So, Do I Need a Drying Towel?

When it comes to keeping your beloved ride in great condition, the right drying equipment is essential. Say goodbye to outdated options like chamois leathers and invest in a decent microfiber towel instead. Whether you opt for thick terry towels like Gtechniq’s MF2 or purpose-built diamond weave towels such as the Gtechniq MF4, microfiber technology will provide unmatched absorbency, longevity, and ease of use.
Treat your car to the luxury it deserves with the perfect drying towel and enjoy a satisfyingly gleaming finish time after time. So, go ahead and make your choice – it’s time to level up your car drying game!