We’ve teamed up with the pros at Gtechniq to bring you a new video that answers all your burning questions about ceramic coatings.

Ceramic coatings are a hot topic in the fast car scene right now. They don’t just add gloss, they also add serious protection for your paintwork. But with so many products on the market all labelled as ‘ceramic’, things can quickly get confusing. Why do some last for several years while others only last a few months? What’s the difference between a ‘coating’ and a ‘sealant’? And how should you look after a car that has been treated? These are just some of the topics we discuss in our latest video with the experts at Gtechniq.

What is Ceramic Coating?

Think of ceramic coating as a superhero cape for your car. But instead of fabric, it’s made of a chemically blended polymer that forms a bond with your paint. Why? To shield it from just about anything the road throws its way—UV rays, dirt, rain, and even those pesky bird droppings. It’s the invisible guard that keeps your car looking effortlessly cool and clean.

Why Should You Consider Ceramic Coating?

1. Long-Lasting Protection: Unlike traditional waxes, a quality ceramic coat can last years, not weeks. We’re talking serious durability that keeps your paint job pristine.

2. Phenomenal Shine: Ceramic coatings are renowned for that eye-popping gloss, enhancing and protecting your vehicle’s appearance in ways wax just can’t.

3. Easier Cleaning: Ever dreamt of a car that almost cleans itself? Well, ceramic coatings come close. Water and dirt just slide right off.

Ceramic coating an M3

How Do You Apply Ceramic Coating?

We know what you’re thinking—can you apply a ceramic coating at home? And the answer is yes! The key to a fantastic result is all in the prep work – which is why Gtechniq recommend having your car machine polished prior to applying a coating. But as long you have somewhere to keep the car out of the elements while it cures (such as a garage or carport), than the physical act of applying a ceramic coating is no more difficult than waxing a car.

GTECHNIQ ceramic coatings

Common Myths About Ceramic Coating

Myth #1: It’s Invincible

It’s tough but not indestructible. You still need to take care when washing your car, but by using good techniques and the correct products a ceramic coating is much more resistant to scratches and swirl marks, keeping your paintwork looking its very best for longer.

Myth #2: No More Washes Needed

You may need to wash less frequently, but keeping up with maintenance is key to longevity. Over time the coating can become clogged and the water-beading and gloss effects may lessen. But a good decontamination wash will clear our all that dirt and grime and get your car beading and gleaming like the day the coating was first applied. Easy as that!

Myth #3: Only Pro Detailers Can Apply It

Wrong again! There are a couple of considerations to be aware of, but if you have a dry space to keep the car out of the weather while the coating cures , you can easily apply a ceramic coating at home. For best results, the paintwork should be machined polished beforehand to ensure a flawless finish prior to the coating being applied.

More Detailing Tips

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