We are delighted to announce that vehicle data supremos Carly are Fast Car Entertainment’s 2023 Tech Partner.

Who are Carly?

Carly are a next-generation car technology company based in Munich. Their mission is to connect you with all the information hidden in your car using their patented OBD scanner. Trust us when we say that what these guys don’t know about vehicle electronics simply isn’t worth knowing; they can certainly open up a mind-blowing new world for every one of us modified car fans. Their ultimate goal is to save you money by showing you all the essential data, and to help you understand any issues before paying out on a professional mechanic. Perfect for your essential car maintenance. Although it has to be said, that’s not all they do, not by a long shot!

Carly OBD Scanner

How Carly Works

Just about every vehicle produced since the turn of the millennium is chocked full of control modules. You might even say that modern cars are simply an assembly of electronic devices – a big computer on four wheels. What Carly do with their OBD scanner is unlock all these electronics making the data available to everyone. By plugging their device into your diagnostic port, and connecting to their intuitive smartphone app, you can take control of diagnostics and fault code reading, and view hundreds of specific parameters in real time. It’s a similar process to remapping your ECU.

Their rather clever box of German technology works differently for every vehicle and can even serve up a whole load of extra features such as their in-app Smart Mechanic. This gives you access to industry-leading advice and valuable insights on running repairs. It also offers battery condition monitoring, a mileage manipulation inspection and the most in-depth overall vehicle health check. You’re not just getting the essentials for any performance car, but their device is just the ticket when buying your next pride and joy.

Carly website

Hidden Extras

Their hardware and software is clever but there’s more! The app can even unlock hidden extras that aren’t made available by the manufacturers. The Carly Coding feature is something of a modifying masterstroke. It allows you to safely adjust a list of parameters usually set and locked at the factory. It can also manipulate a range of different vehicle features. This can be from changing light settings and heads-up displays to mirrors, suspension and digital speedos. The idea is to put the power in your hands. Whether you’re looking to fully customize your car to your particular needs, monitoring the most essential information, or taking on a job as crucial as turning off that dreaded check engine light, Carly have you covered.

Get One

Carly will be at Ford Fair on the 13th of August, where they will be doing live demonstrations throughout the day. If you can’t get to one of those events, and want to know more, check out their website here.