Most people use GoPros to document themselves doing some kind of extreme sport. But to us, they seem like a great thing to use on track days. Though, I guess you could call that an extreme sport too… Anyway, here are the best Black Friday GoPro deals of 2023.

There are all sorts of reasons why you might like to record your performances at a track day. If you’re keen on bettering your skills, looking back at recordings can be really useful to identify areas to improve on. Perhaps you could be braking later, or taking a slightly different line. Or maybe it’s simpler than that. Maybe you just want a nice keepsake of a fun day out. Whatever your reasoning may be, GoPro is probably the first company that would come to mind when searching for an action camera to buy. Helpfully, Black Friday is a great time to make major savings on certain cameras, and I’ve compiled all the major deals here for you.

Don’t see anything quite right in the list below? Check out our compilation of the best dedicated track day dash cams instead.

Best Black Friday GoPro Deals

GoPro HERO12

GoPro HERO12 – 12% off

  • $399.99 $349.99, get the US deal here. £399.99 £339.99, get the UK deal here.
  • Why you want it: HERO12 is the best standard action cam that GoPro currently offers. It can record in lifelike 5.6K60, and will record up to 2.5 hours of footage continuously (at a lower resolution). As such, it’ll capture every detail of your day on the track, and there’s little to no risk of the batteries depleting before your brakes do.
GoPro Hero11 Mini

GoPro Hero11 Mini – 17% off

  • $299.99 $249.99, get the US deal here. £299.99 £249.99, get the UK deal here.
  • Why you want it: Depending on your setup, it might be important to have as small a camera as possible. That’s where the Hero11 Mini comes in, weighing just 133 grams while not compromising on picture quality. Another neat little function is its automatic highlight reel production.

GoPro MAX – 30% off

  • $499.99 $349.99, get the US deal here. £479.99 £299.99, get the UK deal here.
  • Why you want it: GoPro MAX opens up a whole new layer of creativity. As well as regular HERO-style recording, the MAX has a 360-degree lens which you can use to capture track day highlights unlike any seen before – whether it be your inputs in the cabin, or just a greater view of what’s going on on the track. You can record in mind-blowing 6K resolution, or livestream your adventures in 1080p.
GoPro HERO12 Creator Edition

GoPro Hero12 Creator Edition – 17% off

  • $599.99 $499.99, get the US deal here. £599.99 £499.99, get the UK deal here.
  • Why you want it: The Creator Edition of HERO12 is one for the filmmakers, offering enhanced audio recording quality and an accompanying stand/grip. Now, you might wonder why a stand/grip would be useful in this context, but there’s a few reasons why you might want one. For instance, it’d make recording from the passenger seat of someone else’s car much easier, and it opens the door to some cool unmanned fly-by shots. Now imagine using it in a context without the thorough policing of a public track day, and the possibilities for what you could setup to record behind the wheel (on private land, of course) are endless. Drifting, gymkhana, touge, you name it, there’s a movie to be made.