Got a project car, but not much budget? Here are the best Black Friday car mod deals to help take your build to the next level!

If you’re anything like me, you’ll spend a lot of your time saving up for car parts, whether it’s simple maintenance components or fully-fledged upgrades and modifications. But if you buy good quality stuff, you’ll find that it eats into your bank balance real quick. Fortunately, there are some excellent Black Friday deals around which you can take advantage off, so I’ve collated the main ones here for you in one place. Don’t say we never treat you.

Best Black Friday Car Mod Deals


Bilstein B14 & B16 Coilovers – 25% Off

  • 25% off Bilstein B14 and B16 suspension kits, get the deal here.
  • Why you want it: Bilstein is a top tier aftermarket suspension brand with a history of supplying OEMs. Their B14 coilovers offer a great blend of usability on the road while still remaining planted on the track. B16 coilovers take things a step further by allowing you to adjust between a normal road setting and a far more focused track setting. So, the B14s are more of a daily driver option, whereas the B16s could be a gamechanger for a track car (or your daily driver if you don’t mind having to adjust the settings before and after each track sesh).
Whiteline adjustable anti-roll bar

Whiteline Chassis Upgrades – 30% Off

  • 30% off Whiteline’s catalogue, get the deal here.
  • Why you want it: Anti-roll bars, suspension links, control arms, bushings, and so on, aren’t exactly the sexiest modifications you can spend your money on, but they’ll tighten up your ride’s handling no end. If you’re building a touge or track day car, it’s well worth picking some of these little enhancements up. Plus, nobody likes spending money on stuff they can’t usually see unless their car’s on a ramp, so you might as well buy this stuff now while it’s at its cheapest. Just saying…
Revo VWt T5 transporter t5.1

Revo Mapping Software – 30% Off

  • 30% off Revo ECU maps, get the deal here.
  • Why you want it: An ECU software upgrade is a great way of extracting extra performance from your car’s engine without having to resort to physical parts upgrades. Whether you want more power or better fuel economy, an ECU remap can help you achieve this. Revo are specialists when it comes to Ford and the VAG umbrella brands (Audi, Cupra/SEAT, Porsche, Skoda, Volkswagen), so if you own a car from one of those brands, it’s definitely worth checking them out.
Cobra Nogaro seat

Cobra Sports Seats – 20% Off

  • around 20% off some Cobra seats and accessories, get the deal here.
  • Why you want it: Having a good seat can genuinely shave seconds off your lap time, simply because you aren’t having to fight your own body movements as you zoom around the track (or private land…). That frees up more headspace for thinking about your actual inputs behind the wheel. And besides, they’re comfy and look cool. It’s a win-win.
Scorpion is one of the best car exhaust brands

Scorpion Exhausts – 20% Off

  • 20% off the entire Scorpion range, get the deal here.
  • Why you want it: Scorpion is a major player in the aftermarket exhaust fabrication trade, offering everything from full performance systems, to custom back boxes, tailpipes, and all kinds of peripheral parts and accessories. If you’re planning to make any changes to any aspect of your car’s exhaust system over the winter, you better check these deals out while you can!
Haltech ECU

Haltech Electronic Components – 40% Off

  • Up to 40% off Haltech electronic kits and components, get the deal here.
  • Why you want it: From standalone ECU upgrades, to aftermarket instrument displays, and even the nitty gritty stuff like sensors, Haltech is a great source of high-quality electronic gear for your car.
Two thick K&N air filters for the Nissan R35 GTR.

K&N Air Filters – 20% Off

  • 20% off all K&N air filters, get the deal here.
  • Why you want it: Better air flow into the combustion chamber means more power (even if the gains are marginal when you’re only upgrading filters and ducting). If you want to help your car breathe more easily, K&N is the company to go to.
Milltek Supra exhaust

Milltek Sport Exhaust Systems – 15% Off

  • 15% off Milltek exhausts, get the deal here.
  • Why you want it: Couldn’t find the right exhaust component for your car from Scorpion? Fear not, Milltek Sport enjoys an equally rosy reputation as an aftermarket fabricator, so they may be able to sort you out instead.
A Forge induction kit.

Forge Motorsport parts – 15% Off

  • 15% off the Forge aftermarket range, get the deal here.
  • Why you want it: Forge Motorsport offers quite a diverse range of aftermarket products, but are arguably best known for their airflow parts, whether it be relating to induction or cooling. Click the link above to see if they’ve got any goodies available for your car.
A set of Ferodo brake pads.

Brake Pads – 15% Off

  • 15% off Ferodo and Pagid brake pads.
  • Why you want it: It’s all well and good equipping your car with massive rotors and muscular calipers, but you’re not making the most of them if your brake pads are lacking. Fortunately, Ferodo and Pagid have got all sorts of compounds available, tailored to a wide range of build types.
Raimair intake

RamAir Induction Kits – 10% Off

  • 10% off the RamAir range, get the deal here.
  • Why you want it: Whereas K&N is the go-to brand for simple filters and ducting, RamAir is at the top of the game when it comes to more heavy-duty induction kits. So, go on, grab 10% off while you can.

KW Suspension – save up to £500

  • save up to £500 across the whole KW range, get the deal here.
  • Why you want it: KW has been a motorsport industry supplier for decades, so you’re in good hands if you source some upgraded coilovers for your car from them.