Regular maintenance is vital for any car, and these Black Friday car maintenance deals will save you some cash along the way!

Here at Fast Car, we love our motors, and as a result, we try our best to keep on top of their maintenance – as I’m sure you do too, if you’re reading this. However, over time, the cost of serviceable items and fluids can accumulate into quite an ugly number, especially if you’re running a car which is rare, expensive to repair, or just needs a little more TLC than most. Looking at you, RX-8. Anyway, Black Friday is a great opportunity to save a bunch of cash on parts and products that you’re inevitably going to have to buy in the future. So, why not do yourself a favor, and reap the savings now? To help you on your way, we’ve compiled some of the best Black Friday car maintenance deals we could find. Check them out below!

Best Black Friday Car Maintenance Deals in the US

Autel scanner diagnostic tool

Autel car diagnostic scanner – save 34%

  • $579.00 $383.20, get the deal here.
  • Why you want it: Every so often, our cars will throw up a warning light or start performing in a slightly odd manner. And often, that can be pretty hard to diagnose by yourself. Fortunately, a scanner tool like this Autel model will go a long way to diagnosing the issue. It can actively test components such as relays, injectors, coils, solenoids valves and actuators, and offers a comprehensive ability to read and correct fault codes. You still may need to take a trip to the garage after using this device, but at least you’ll be clued up about what to expect.
Mobil 1 5W-30

Mobil 1 Advanced Full Synthetic 5W-30 – save 24%

  • $36.99 $27.97, get the deal here.
  • Why you want it: Mobil 1 Advanced Full Synthetic is quality motor oil used by many NASCAR teams. It has been designed to withstand up to 10,000 miles of use on the road, though we would recommend changing you oil way in advance of reaching that figure anyway. What it does mean, is that over the course of any normal interval between changes, this oil will operate perfectly as intended. We’ve listed the 5W-30 variant here is that’s a very commonly used mixture, but be sure to check the link above for any other variant you might require for your car.
NOCO Boost jump starter

NOCO Boost Jump Starter – save 20%

  • $249.95 $199.95, get the deal here.
  • Why you want it: We’ve all experienced the frustration of getting into a car and finding that there simply isn’t enough charge in the battery to turn the engine over. And usually, it’ll be raining, or cold. Fortunately, the NOCO Boost jump starter is a portable device capable of sparking life back into any drowsy batteries. So long as you make sure the jump starter itself is well-charged, it’s an incredibly handy bit of kit to keep in your car. These have bailed me out of trouble countless times…
Goodyear Reliant tire

Selected Goodyear Tires – save $30

  • $30 off Walmart’s Goodyear tire range, browse the deals here.
  • Why you want them: If you’re serious about car ownership, you’ll want a good set of tires. There’s no point meticulously caring after the mechanical aspects of your vehicle if you’re then just going to throw a bunch of ditch-finders on each corner. Happily, you can currently get $30 off a wide variety of high-quality Goodyear tires at Walmart.

Best Black Friday Car Maintenance Deals in the UK

Bosch spark plugs

Bosch Serviceable Items – save up to 64%

  • Up to 64% on filters, plugs, bulbs, and other serviceable components, get the deals here.
  • Why you want them: Bosch is one of the biggest names in automotive parts supply, so if you’re looking for OE-grade aftermarket replacements, look no further. Before you buy anything though, make sure it’s compatible with your particular car!
Castrol EDGE 5W-30

Castrol Motor Oil – save up to 46%

  • Up to 46% off Castrol’s wide motor oil range, get the deals here.
  • Why you want it: Castrol EDGE is some of the best engine oil around, so if your car is due a service, why not treat it some of the good stuff, and save yourself a bit of money in the process? There’s also money off Castrol MAGNATEC which is great for vehicles with start-stop engines.
TOPDON scanner diagnostic

TOPDON vehicle diagnostic tools – save up to 43%

  • Up to 43% off TOPDON’s wide range of diagnostic tools, get the deals here.
  • Why you want them: TOPDON is a blossoming brand within the vehicle diagnostic sector, and currently they’ve got massive price reductions across pretty much their whole range. So, whether you’re after a comprehensive scanner or a simple fault code reader, or perhaps even something like a battery tester, there’s plenty of deals attached to the link above that are worth checking out.
CTEK battery charger

CTEK battery charger equipment – save up to 37%

  • Up to 37% off CTEK’s battery charger equipment, get the deals here.
  • Why you want it: Jump starting a car can be a real hassle if you’ve only got jump leads and limited access to a second vehicle. However, portable chargers solve that problem nicely, so do yourself a favor, and grab some of this CTEK kit while it’s cheap.