We’ve teamed up with the car mad music artist A.M. SNiPER to find out what his top 7 luxury cars are. Here’s what he had to say.

Top 7 Luxury cars

Ferrari 550 Maranello

I first saw this car in Bad Boys 2 and it was my first dream car, I am still gassed to this day that I own one, however at the time I got it I had no clue that it would go on to become one of the classic front engine GT’s of all time, another interesting point for sneaker heads out there is that Michael Jordan’s AIR XIV designed by Tinker Hatfield drew inspiration from Jordans’ 550 Maranello!

Top 7 Luxury cars

Mercedes G-Wagon AMG 

One of the classic 4×4 cars that combine power and speed, how can a Sniper not admire a military looking vehicle that’s a benz, especially an iconic hip-hop benz like the G Wagon, only for the real G’s!

Top 7 Luxury cars

Lamborghini Diablo 

The song behind my “Diablo” single most definitely has to feature in this, growing up my father always dreamed of owning a Lambo he used to have pictures of it in his car hire company that he used to own, definitely a classic super-car and the first Lamborghini built to attain top speed in excess of 320km, if you haven’t seen the “A.M. SNiPER – DIABLO” video yet make sure you do! “City to City I’m moving Diablo!”

Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT 

The unique thing of the Grand Cherokee SRT is that it can handle off road as well as hit the road like a race car, it’s like a wraith in beast mode, luxury, off-road, and speed, ok maybe not as luxury as a wraith but you get the point. By the way SRT stands for Street & Racing Technology!

Lykan Hypersport

It is my ultimate goal to own a Lykan one day, plus I love the fact that it has Lebanese roots like a segment of my family, however I highly doubt i would easily part with over 3 mil for a car, but goals are there to be set and achieved, and so far car wise I’ve been hitting the mark! This is a 750hp beast that looks like a transformer!

BMW i8

This is a great transition into the new age of electric, as the i8 is hybrid and allows you to switch between being a petrol head and a speedy environmentalist! I found it fascinating that the engine sound is boosted through speakers and it is quite pleasing! Definitely one of my favourites! I use this one as an everyday car as it is so comfortable to drive unlike some of my other cars that feel like a workout!

Tesla Model X  

This is me stepping into parenthood, I have a 2 year old girl, this is fully eco-friendly, I can drive with a clear conscious knowing that I am not causing any damage to the planet, and my sins are being forgiven! LOL! The screen is a perfect toy for the kids, the swipe up doors make you feel like you gonna step into the future, when in reality this is the kinder-garden drop off vehicle!

Make sure you check out A.M. SNiPER’s latest track “Diablo” here.