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Top 10 Retro Car Mods

Top 10 Retro Car Mods

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 13th September 2016

best retro car mods

A classic Euro mod that was actually law in France right up to 1993. Legend has it Pierre and chums made ‘em compulsory in 1939 because of the threat of German invasion. Presumably, any sneaky Panzer division with the foresight to tint their tanks were free to drive right up the Champs- Élysées then, eh?

Anyway, there’s plenty of tinted films and sprays on the market to do the job but the legalities are pretty vague. After spending literally 17-minutes researching we found that many believe it to be road legal in the UK sighting the Vehicles Lighting Regulations Act 1989 which says ‘headlights must be white or yellow.’ Others refer to EU law which states that all headlights have to be white but yellow foglights are permitted. In our own experience you’ll probably get away with it. So, I guess you’ve got to ask yourself one question: do you feel Lucky?

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