alloy wheels

  • ESM FF1

    Glenn Rowswell at 6:37 am, 15th December 2017

    ESM FF1

    These chunky 18-inch, matt-finish multi-spokers from American wheel maestros ESM, definitely have a substantial (some may say bloody weighty) look to them.

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  • Judd Wheels T325

    Glenn Rowswell at 6:55 am, 4th October 2017

    Judd Wheels T325

    The guys at Judd wheels have gained a big reputation over the past few seasons for offering some of the most prestige-looking wheels around, but ones that come in at rather surprising, rock-bottom prices. It’s clear to see that this simple philosophy has served them well too, because it’s very much more of the same with their new, T325 wheel here...

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  • KAMBR 150R

    Glenn Rowswell at 7:49 am, 19th September 2017

    KAMBR 150R

    We’ve always said, when it comes to finding the very best hoops to make your ride stand out from the crowd, choice of finish is just as important as design and fitment...

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  • MB Design KX1

    Glenn Rowswell at 6:57 am, 13th July 2017

    MB Design KX1

    Sometimes, only absolutely bloody mahoosive hoops will do. Whether that’s because you’ve got simply enormous brakes, gargantuan arches to fill or you just fancy a challenge...

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  • Calibre 7Twenty Alloy Wheel

    Glenn Rowswell at 10:17 am, 2nd September 2014

    Calibre 7Twenty Alloy Wheel

    Wheelwright has released details of a new, deep-dished, track & drift-ready addition to their 2014 collection - the Calibre 7Twenty.

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  • Cosmis XT206R Wheels

    Glenn Rowswell at 11:13 am, 28th August 2014

    Cosmis XT206R Wheels

    We’ve gotta say this XT206R from supremely popular American drift specialists, Cosmis Racing USA, has to be one of the sexiest rims we’ve seen for a long, long time.

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  • Cades Titan

    Glenn Rowswell at 11:44 am, 14th July 2014

    Cades Titan

    If there’s one thing we respect at FC, it’s bravery, and we reckon the bods at Cades are showing the proverbial heart of a lion with their new wheel, the Titan.

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  • TPI Multivalves

    Glenn Rowswell at 9:33 am, 24th June 2014

    TPI Multivalves

    Dress up your hoops for just a score with these super-awesome anodised valves from TPI...

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