BK Wheels 2014As one of the UK’s biggest wheel manufacturers, the bods at BK have been around since, well, before we can remember.

And they’ve always worked on the basis that having a nuclear-sized range with more fitments sizes and designs than anyone else means you’ll easily find something for everyone.

Well, it’s certainly a concept that works and it looks like their range just got whole lot bigger with the launch of seven all-new designs, not to mention a rather spanky new logo, for 2014.

This lot cover a multitude of applications in sizes from usable 16-inchers right up to thoroughly ball-busting 22s.

BK Wheels 2014They’re all load rated so can be fitted to huge luxury motors and vans and three of ‘em (The BK170, BK660 and BK677) are flow-formed for a distinct performance edge.

We’re loving the diverse collection of designs and finishes – there’s a few classics, a few cutting edge and a few that are thoroughly mental. No matter what your taste, you’ll find something right here!

Priced from £108 each

For more info see BK Racing