Tux Auto Klutch SL1

Tux Auto Klutch SL1

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 1st October 2013

Tux Auto Klutch SL1

The mighty and thoroughly all-American Klutch SL1 didn’t just cause waves when it hit the streets Stateside… it set about creating its own full-blown tsunami!

We can see why too, we’re loving the highly detailed, old skool-inspired design, we’re loving the staggered sizes and range of PCDs that suit the more compact models of both the Jap and Euro contingents and, as for the finishes? Well, quite obviously, we’re loving those too.

Tux Auto Klutch SL1That said, there has been one massive problem with the awesome Klutch range in general; they’ve been a proper bugger to get hold of here in Europe.

That is of course, until now. Yes, you lucky, lucky people the boys at TUX have just started bringing them into the UK for distribution across our fair continent, and not a moment too soon either!

Tux Auto Klutch SL1Size wise availability is 8.5X15, 8X16, 9X16, with PCDs of 4X100, 4X114.3, 5X100, 5X114.3 in offsets of 15-20.

There’s plenty of choice of colour also, with light gold, gloss black or bright silver (all with polished stepped lip) and gloss bronze with gloss black stepped lip.

Tux Auto Klutch SL1If you want them as much as we do you’ll be reaching for your credit card right about now – get ‘em and get ‘em quick!

Priced from £589 (set)

For more info see Tux Auto