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Calibre CC-S Wheel

Calibre CC-S Wheel

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 15th May 2014

Calibre CC-S Wheels
Concave is officially the new erm… convex. So it’s good to see the masters at Calibre wheels have wasted no time in getting a sweet, high-end looking offering out there to the masses.

With over 40 different designs already in their range, we’re not sure how they manage to pop out new stuff quite so quickly – but we’re soooo glad they do!

In any case the CC-S is going to be a certified winner. On the face of it, the slick split five-spoke has all the classic styling cues, like aggressive exposed bolt-holes and polished spokes that extend all the way to the edge giving the optical illusion that the diameter is bigger than it actually is.

And then there’s the fact that, being a 5-spoke, it’ll suit pretty much anything on the road. That said, Calibre have followed their tried and tested route of offering a sweet range of sizes catering for larger hatches, super-coupes, saloons and even the odd exotic number too.

And these are just the initial sizes – there’s even more to come! In other words, there’ll be plenty to choose from and the option of staggering or getting creative with the offsets and PCDs using adaptors and spacers.

Most of all though, these are a sweet bit of exclusive concaveness at a price that’s simply jaw-dropping. A set starts just over 600-quid, and when you think just what you’re getting, we don’t know how they can even make a profit. That’s seriously nice work right there!

Priced from £153 (each)

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