Bullet Sixty Wheels
The boys at Bullet Wheels absolutely smashed it in 2013 with the launch of their very first wheel, the simply awesome ‘Bullet One Wheels.’

In fact, we liked it so much we not only gave it one of the most coveted FC Awards, but we even handed over our own, extremely hard-earned cash for a set on our Milspec Prelude Project back in June.

Well, that’s the past and here’s the future – the logical follow-up to the One, the Bullet Tw… oh hang on, they’ve gone and called it the Sixty!

Still, what’s in a name? When you’re this damn cool, logic doesn’t even come into it and there’s no denying this spanking new hoop is properly sweet and perfectly follows their strict philosophy of bringing high- quality, off-the-shelf steelies to the masses.

Being 15s, and rocking a 4×100 PCD, these are bang on the money for smaller VAG hatches and even one or two Japanese street weapons out there.

We’re loving the choice of girthlyness, from a 7-incher, right up to a delightfully dishy 9, and we can’t help thinking the classic design gives more than a little nod to the Original Mk2 Golf G60 rims – easily one of the most sought-after standard steel wheels of all time.

In any case, we reckon these will be even more popular this year than the Bullet One was in 2013, and by that we mean extremely! Seriously, top work.

Priced from £85 each

For more info see Bullet Wheels