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How I Tested Masterson’s Mystic Snow Foam Auto Wash

A swipe test is a useful method to assess how dirty a car is before cleaning it, so I began by doing that so I could get a genuine idea of how the foam performs. I then applied Mystic Snow Foam Auto Wash via a snow foam lance and followed the instructions for both dilution and dwell time. Finally, I rinsed the car off and conducted another swipe test for comparison.

First Impressions

There’s a lot going on with the name of Masterson’s snow foam. I was immediately intrigued if it would be able to live up to its own hype. The flip lid is handy and makes pouring easier, so I like that. The snow foam liquid is blue, but whatever you might guess the scent to be, you’re wrong. Unless you guessed marzipan, because it’s marzipan. That almond scent is gorgeous and had me excited to give this snow foam a go.


As its (rather long) name implies, Mystic Snow Foam Auto Wash is another dual-purpose product. You can use this as a regular shampoo, or put it through your foam lance as a snow foam. Strong snow foam is not stuff you want to get on your hands, so this immediately suggests the cleaning power has been turned down. As if to confirm my suspicions, it’s pH-neutral.

That’s good for coatings, but it just can’t shift dirt like an alkaline pre-wash will. However, you can use Mystic Snow Foam Auto Wash in direct sunlight, which is a big plus, and it promises to leave behind no streaks or spots.

Masterson's Car Care Mystic Snow Foam Auto Wash in use

What’s It Like To Use Masterson’s Mystic Snow Foam Auto Wash?

You need 1-2 fl oz in your snow foam lance. I opted for the lower dilution ratio to see how it compares to other snow foams that ask for a similar amount. The foam it produced was decent, perhaps a little watery, but it clung onto the panel well. Its cleaning performance was only okay, as I expected.

It did remove some dirt, but this would not be my snow foam of choice for cleaning a very dirty car. It rinsed off cleanly, though, as promised, leaving no streaks behind on the sunny day I tested it on. At the higher concentration, I expect it would clean better, but then you’d be using a lot of product. At that point, I’d rather just use a better snow foam.

The Verdict

Masterson’s Mystic Snow Foam Auto Wash delivers average performance. It’s not bad, but there are much better snow foams out there. Using 1 fl. oz per wash, it’s very good value considering how cheap it is to buy, so that’s a bonus. I also like the fact that it doubles as a shampoo. And being able to use any product in direct sun is always good.

For cleaning cars in hot climates, it’s worth considering. But it’s not going to be part of my personal detailing lineup.