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I took Angelwax Fastfoam Snow Foam for a thorough test to see if its performance is heavenly, or whether it needs to be banished to detailing Hell.

How I tested Angelwax Fastfoam Snow Foam

After performing a swipe test to see how dirty my car was to start with, I used a snow foam lance to apply Angelwax Fastfoam. I followed the dilution and dwell instructions to make sure I mixed everything together correctly, and then used the smallest amount of product the instructions recommended. Finally, after rinsing the car down again, a second swipe test would see how much dirt was left.

Angelwax Fastfoam Snow Foam in action

First Impressions

Angelwax Fast Foam comes in a big, industrial-looking bottle, filled with green liquid. It’s not sexy, but certainly looks like it means business. It looks like something a comic book villain would have in their secret factory. Whether that’s a good thing or not is up to you to decide. And is Angelwax Fastfoam heaven-scent? No. A quick sniff reveals it has a very chemical smell. That’s fine, Bilt Hamber’s snow foam offerings are also no-frills products, and they are my favourite pre-washes. All Angelwax has to do is impress me with its cleaning power, the fancy bottles and pleasant smells don’t count for anything here.


Honestly, I have no idea. The Angelwax website is very light on information about Fastfoam. There’s no mention of pH, so I’m not going to hazard a guess here. All I can tell you is that Fastfoam is super-concentrated, according to the website. Also, it has been designed to deliver a thick blanket of foam that sticks to the bodywork.

Angelwax Fastfoam Snow Foam testing

What’s It Like To Use Angelwax Fastfoam Snow Foam?

Angelwax Fastfoam is billed as ‘Professional, Detailing Foam’, so I had high hopes. Despite its claims, I didn’t get the thickest of foam. It did cling to the panel well, though, and lasted for quite some time. After rinsing, the swipe test revealed that it had managed to shift some dirt. In terms of value, used at a ratio of 1:9, you’ll get 10 washes from the 1-liter bottle, which is not bad.

The Verdict

Angelwax Fastfoam snow foam was fine. That’s all I can say, really. Its cleaning performance was pretty average. Its value for money is okay. There are certainly worse snow foams out there. But there are also much better ones. It’s not bad, but there are some products that clean better and others that are better value. So it’s hard to recommend this, to be completely honest.

That said, if you do fancy picking it up, you can check out price comparisons for your region below: