We don’t have to tell you that the humble lowering spring is a real bread and butter mod. But that doesn’t mean that, after over half a century on the streets, it can’t evolve. And here’s the proof: lowering springs 2.0 – bona fide, height-adjustable jobs. Flash McFlash or what?

Basically, these are a kind of coilover conversion, but what’s even more important is that they’re bringing cost-effective height tweakability to a whole new range of cars. Most commonly the models that already have performance-tuned dampers from the factory, along with modern motors where the OEM shocks are still in great nick. And even the most up-to-date stuff where retaining the electronically-adjustable dampers is a key priority.

As for the actual quality? Well, they’re from German legends ST Suspensions, so you just know these cold-wound chrome-silicon-steel puppies are engineered with handling performance in mind… the ultimate in altitude adjustment is actually something of a bonus.

These are already available for a great selection of motors, and they tell us that there’s plenty more fitments on the way. So, no more guessing whether to go for the -50mm springs for the shows or the -20mm drop for fast road performance. Now you really can have it all.

Priced from £474

For more info see ST Suspensions