Air tools can make for great additions to your workshop arsenal. So, go ahead and check out this Silverline Air Impact Wrench.

RRP: $50.00 / £45.00. Buy it here.

This handy and rugged little unit packs a real punch, and provides the sort of performance you might expect from far pricier alternatives.

An air impact wrench offers numerous benefits to make life easier around the garage or workshop, meaning that you can make quick work of removing or reaffixing bolts without all the manual effort that this type of task would normally entail. Plus, it’s also worth considering that there’s a safety dimension as well, in that changing a wheel at the side of the road can be carried out far more quickly with this powerful little tool to hand.

Specs & Dimensions

The Silverline air impact wrench is small and light enough to hide away in your toolbox – the depth of the body is a helpfully compact 170mm, and the overall weight of the wrench is a shade over two kilos. This makes it handily portable to use, as well as being sufficiently unobtrusive that you can carry it around in your traveling toolkit or in the trunk of your car, just in case you end up needing it. Of course, it’s also an extremely useful thing to have sitting on the workbench too.

And in addition to its diminutive proportions, this Silverline air impact wrench has a truly impressive power-to-weight ratio. That sounds like a bit of an odd thing to say about a tool rather than an actual car, but what it means in this context is that it can make light work of hardcore jobs. Equipped with forward and reverse gears, the impact wrench features a four-position adjustable air/torque control and rocking dog clutch mechanism, with a maximum torque output of 312Nm. The wrench comes with both UK and European 1/4″ quick connectors, and of course you can register for Silverline’s three-year guarantee to provide ultimate peace of mind.

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