Rota K7 alloy wheels

We properly love Rota Wheels here at FC Towers and that’s for one good reason; they give the people exactly what they want!

You see, when it comes to tip-top hoops they understand it’s not just about design; you gotta get the fitment bang on the money too and that’s exactly why they’ve always offered so many different diameters, widths, PCDs and offsets across their huge range.

And why not? There’s nowt wrong with all those common sizes but why should everyone be limited to ’em?

Anyway, how’s this brand-spanking-new K7 for a proper little stormer? At a girthy and thoroughly uncommon 9×15 (with a relatively high offset) it’s just gagging for some stretched rubber and should be perfect nestling under the arches of loads of motors in the VAG and Jap communities.
It’s simple dishy design and the fact it’s available in bronze or Hyper black is spot on too.

Personally we love this wheel more than we love our own children… well we would if we had any.

Priced from £600 a set

For more info see Rare Rims