The MINI Cooper S is one of those all-time great motoring enigmas. You’d think that, being something of a premium product put together by the bods at BMW, the little blown terror would destroy your bank balance just as quickly as it destroys tyres.

But no, you can pick up an older one for about the price of a bag of chips nowadays. In fact, even the F56 jobs have more than halved in price since they launched in 2013… and we all know that banging a 2-litre turbo lump into a MINI can never be a bad idea, right?

Still, more than ever before, the big 2.0 is ripe for using a spot of simple bolt-on tuning to unleash its potential. So, it’s good to see Ramair bringing such an uber-quality, shielded induction kit to the market. The best bit here is that the pleated cotton PRORAM filter uses synthetic nanofiber tech to increase airflow over the standard filter by a whopping 88%.

So, one of these will not only net you more horsepower from the off, but should also set you up for all the future tuning your baby Beemer can handle, too.

Price £200

For more info see Ramair