Pioneer AVH X3500DAB

And our Headunit of the Month is… the Pioneer AVH-X3500DAB

As it says somewhere in the Bible, you just can’t beat a full on, feature-packed and somewhat heart-warming double DIN headunit in your motor. In the world of the more discerning audiophile this is the pinnacle for all those highly technical infotainment needs.

Nowadays these puppies aren’t just about music either, manufacturers have to consider everything from video and navigation to connectivity and convenience just to get a sniff of what’s tuning into a gargantuan market. It’s all about packing your gear with as many trick features as possible and that’s something Pioneer have excelled at over the past few years. Their philosophy with the new AVHX3500DAB is simple – twice the size equals twice the fun.

First things first, what can you connect? Well, as it happens, just about everything! On the digital side the AVH-X3500DAB supports DVD, DivX, XviD, WMA, WAV, MP3 and AAC formats, enabling you to hook up your iPod, MP3, USB device, iPad, hard drive, android phone, iPhone and just about everything else in the universe. In fact, this is one of the fi rst double Dins to fully support music, apps and video from the dreaded (and notoriously hard to integrate) iPhone 5. Multiple rear inputs and Parrot Bluetooth (with the all-important audio streaming option) ensure that you’re always connected to your music and video libraries and, if you’re feeling old skool, you can even play CDs too. Amazing stuff!

Pioneer AVH-X3500DAB

As you can probably guess from its name, the AVH-X3500DAB incorporates DAB+ technology to give you an almost endless choice of digital radio stations. What you won’t guess is it also incorporates Pioneer’s exclusive Time Shift technology meaning you can actually pause and rewind live radio. It’s just like having SKY+ in your motor and we think that’s proper clever!

With all this video and application technology at such a low price you’d be forgiven for thinking they’ve had to skimp on the actual music options. But this is Pioneer, so you can bet your ass they haven’t. Instead, they’ve packed it full of features like a proper 8-band EQ with an integrated crossover function and their awe-inspiring MIXTRAX EZ, which mixes club tracks better than having Chase in the glovebox and Status under the seat. They’ve even chucked in three RCA pre-outs to help you build a system to be proud of!

Pioneer AVH-X3500DAB

Of course, the App Radio Mode enables you to use all your iPhone’s apps including any satnav you may have downloaded. But if you prefer stand alone navigation (or don’t have an iPhone), Pioneer can sort you out with their award-winning, add on – their European satnav module. Just plug in, hideaway and off you go!

One feature that Pioneer is particularly proud of is their new AppRadio Mode. We can see why too – it’s technology integration at its finest! Basically, you plug in your iPhone 5 thorough their exclusive lightning-VGA adaptor and use all your applications on-screen and through your car speaker system. It’s the only one endorsed and fully licensed by Apple.

Price £399.99

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