PB Brakes GT86 BRZMarket analysts and other such people with white coats and clipboards said the Toyota GT86 and Subaru BRZ would be massive over the last 12 months, and they were right, it has been.

The thing is though we reckon the all-conquering Jap coupes will be even more popular next year because now quite a few companies have had the chance to develop some seriously sweet tuning products.

PB Brakes Coilovers GT86 BRZJust check out the gear coming out of PB Brakes this month. These sweet big-brake and coilover kits are not only some of the best quality items on the market but, they come in at prices that are just as mental as the car itself.

It makes sense too, if you’ve dropped some serious wedge on a base car, you’re not gonna want to double that just to sort the chassis.

Besides, we have a feeling you’ll be needing all your cash for petrol!

Priced from £699

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