Nuke Performance Surge TankThese are easily some of the most desirable, highest quality and most immaculately engineered products we’ve seen in the history of FC… or the history of anything else for that matter.

But what does it actually do? Well, surge tanks are usually fitted to highly tuned motors that need to keep a constant, reliable fuel delivery (to the fuel pump) even when they’re running low or being trashed under the harshest conditions.

Designed for the likes of drifting, track days and drag racing there’s plenty of ’em on the market too, but these particular jaw droppers are about the sexiest we’ve ever clapped eyes on.

Constructed by Swedish tuning gods Nuke Performance, they can be specified with brackets for running a number of external fuel pumps and are the only ones in the world to also offer the option of running internal pumps instead.

Versatility is the key and basically you won’t need an upgrade to the system until you’re pushing about 2000, maybe 3000, bhp.

They may look ultra expensive too (and so they should), but unbelievably the prices start at a ridiculous 230 euros – that’s around 180 quid in real money!

Still, preventing fuel starvation aside, hiding one of these undeniable works of art away in your boot almost seems like a crime. If we had one we’d be keeping it under our pillow!

Priced from £180

For more info see Nuke Performance