Nankang NS 2R Tyres
The 50-year old Taiwanese rubber leviathan, Nankang, is famous in the modding world for two main reasons. Firstly, because they offer sweet budget-premium rubber at prices that no one else can match.

And, secondly, because they’re one of an elite few that make tyres in the mythical 165/45×15 fitment to enable stretched rubber on a 7x15in rim.

Now you can officially add another reason to that list – and that’s their simply stunning NS-2R semi-slick track day tyre. It’s not very often we get this excited over a set of black circles but, this time we’ve got good reason – these are highly regarded as one of the best in the business.

What you get is an awesome-looking, road-legal tread-patten with massive grip in the dry and wet-braking characteristics that’ll simply blow you away.

The large-block tread design provides stiffness for superhero-spec cornering and, because it’s been thoroughly optimised by little scientific fellas in Taiwan, a contact patch that’s 13-percent wider than normal. There’s even a choice between medium (street) and super-soft (race) compounds.

Now, we all know high-performance rubber is expensive, so how much for all this technology? Well, that’s the thing – these start at a measly 65-nicker each, and are available in sizes from a 185/60×13 right up to a whopping 265/35×18.

How do they make ‘em cheaper than most mid-range road tyres? I guess, if anyone can, Nankang can.

Priced from £65

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