Bagged yourself a new Supra yet? Probably not but it’s good to know that, just about every bugger at SEMA has. Still, don’t you worry about it, you’ll get there, and when those six magic numbers do come up, you can combine your new purchase with one of these for even more power and a sound not unlike angels making sweet, sweet love… or so we’ve been told anyway.

Now, we don’t have to tell you that Milltek Sport make some of the tastiest pipes in the business, and it didn’t take them long to get their very own Supra to play with either. But, being one of the first tuners in Europe to work on the rather complex car, it’s not been a simple case of slapping on a pipe and going testing.

The truth is that there’s all sorts of specs for the A90, and the guys have had a lot to contend with, not least because European models are fitted with a Gasoline Particulate Filter and the rest of the world isn’t.

That means they’ve had to develop a whole range of options for all over the world, including a few mild-to-wild GPF back ‘valved’ road and ‘non-valved’ race options for us, here in the civilised bit.

Speaking of enhanced options too, all their exhausts are based around the proven 70mm, non-magnetic aerospace stainless steel, but there’s a whopping 5-different trim options for the tailpipes.

These include a choice of Cerakote Black, Polished, Brushed Titanium, Burnt Titanium and Carbon. What we’ve got here then is clearly an option for everyone on the planet… all we need now is our own badass A90 to bolt one on!

Price £1135

For more info see Milltek Sport