M-Tech Engineering Knobs

As we all like to spend most of our time with our knobs in our hands it makes perfect sense to make sure you’ve got a good one, right?

Yes it’s sweet-shifting 101, and these weighty alloy jobs from M-Tech are not only unbelievably-reasonable in the price department, but they’re some of the best and most desirable we’ve seen to date.

Custom-designed, hand-crafted and threaded specifically for each application you won’t run in to the inherent fitting problems that come with many of the cheap universal items out there.

As well as their own cool designs and logos, the guys even offer the option of one-off engraving up top. Just think about that, a full on custom-engraved knob? You really will be the fella who has it all!

Priced from £21 each

For more info see M-Tech