Kicker have been… er, kicking, some serious bootay over the past few months. In fact, every time they launch a new product, it seems like they come back about three-seconds later and then hit us with another absolute spanker.

It’s like you wait and wait, and then a veritable truck load of audio awesomeness comes along, all at once. They’re kind of like London buses in that respect… if London buses were creators of some of the finest audio kit on the planet.

So, what is it this time around? Well, as they’ve already inundated us with their new square subs and high-end speakers, so it’s time to look at some amps. Six of the best as it turns out.

These new CX units are certainly high-end, they feature all sorts of audiophile pleasing stuff like CXARC bass control, high-efficiency heat sinks, F.I.T+ (which means you can connect your speakers directly, with no line out convertor), and the ability to utilise an input signal up to a bonkers 40-volts!

What’s more, all the new monoblocks are 1OHM stable, allowing you to run even more subs off of one amp. And the cheeky little 4-channel also uses Class A/B power so it won’t interfere with digital radio like a Class D item would. So, obviously there’s a lot to love here, but perhaps most of all, is the fact that they’re bloody powerful for a relatively small footprint.

At the moment you can have the four smaller items ranging from 360-800watts, but there’s also two thoroughly bad-ass 1200 and 1800watt monoblocks on their way later in the year. A proper pumper for every occasion.

Price £180

For more info see Kicker