Kenwood DNX4210DAB

When you put a lavish new Kenwood DNX4210DAB headunit in your ride, you know you’re getting the best of cutting edge technology that in-car entertainment has to offer.

The latest effort though gives you even more digi tech for your dash – and it’s all to do with the three little letters at the end of its name. Ladies gentlemen, may we introduce to you the double-DIN DNX4210DAB:

Yes, clever people would have by now worked out the DNX4210DAB is all about built-in digital radio. Say hello to hundreds of new radio stations at the push of a button, giving you a fix of anything from 60s/70s/80’s, sport, rock, pop or even jazz if you’re giving your Nan a lift to the shops. Searching for stations takes seconds and digital radio on the go means you can wave goodbye to signal silence when driving down dips. If you like your radio in the car, then DAB is your new best friend.

Kenwood DNX4210DAB

As well as digital radio, the DNX4210DAB boasts a host of other sweet features, including navigation powered by Garmin and integrated Bluetooth, plus audio and video playback from USB and DVD. The unit also has a pretty cool iPod/iPhone Control App, which does exactly as it says on the tin: letting you control YouTube and Spotify direct from your headunit. How cool is that?!

The unit has an internal 4x50w MOSFET amp to power your tunes, but there’s plenty to add on to this thing too. Build your best in-car tech setup with the 3 RCA preouts (front, rear and sub), rear view camera port, steering wheel remote input and IR remote sensor. You can also finetune the acoustics with the 3-band equaliser to get your sounds bang on form – get in!

Kenwood DNX4210DAB

The DNX4210DAB is as smooth looking as the rest of the Kenwood 2012 range, meaning you get a 6.1-inch full touch screen sitting pretty in your dash with the main function buttons housed to the left. The CD port is hidden away at the top of the unit, keeping the unit smart and silky looking. We also like the fi nger-friendly, bubble-like icons on the unit’s menu, meaning selecting options is muchos user friendly. Top marks!

Price £999.00

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