Kenwood DNN9230DAB
And our Headunit of the Month is… the Kenwood DNN9230DAB

Do you remember how cool it was when the first headunits came out with iPod connectivity? You could access your entire music library whilst on the move. The iPod-ready headunit was a complete game changer!

This product, the DNN9230DAB from Kenwood Electronics, is the next big leap forward in car audio technology. This, lucky FC readers, is the future of car audio. So what’s so darn exciting? WiFi, that’s what!

By using your mobile phone as a Personal Hotspot, or a mobile broadband Hotspot, the Kenwood DNN9230DAB allows you to quickly and legally check email, social media updates and stream music whilst on the move. Allow us to explain why this unit is the absolute nuts!

With Kenwood wireless technology, you can share video and music between the DNN9230DAB and other WiFi enabled devices like smartphones, tablets or even a laptop/PC. This means that you could stream a film to a single iPad or even a pair of iPads – allowing rear seat passengers to enjoy a movie during a journey. Pretty slick, huh?

Kenwood DNN9230DAB

If you want a clean and crisp radio listening experience, then the awesome built-in DAB+ tuner will deliver superb playback. There’s also a lot more choice with loads of different music genres and sport on offer from hundreds of stations. There’s way better reception with digital radio and the audio quality is much improved in comparison to traditional AM and FM radio. Digital radio is where it’s at! For more info check out Get Digital Radio.

This is a seriously cool touch. The clever ‘Mixed Media Search’ system allows content to be searched across different sources such as an iPod, USB, or Kenwood storage by simply entering keywords. This makes finding the music or film you want to play super-fast and super-simple.

Kenwood DNN9230DAB

Have you ever wanted to check your Facebook newsfeed whilst driving? It’s tempting, right? But it’s very dangerous and illegal to do so. The DNN9230DAB can read aloud posts to your social networks and allows you to reply using Speech-to-Text technology! This multimedia unit keeps in sync with Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Google Calendar and even RSS feeds! As well as these cool features, this unit also allows internet browsing and a neat ‘Navigation-by Voice’ function. Proper awesome!

Price £POA

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