Looking to upgrade the handling on your Golf? The GAZ Gold coilovers for the VW Golf Mk7 combines comfort with performance for the perfect balance between road and track driving.

The Mk7 Golf is a capable tool straight out of the box, but we all know that both handling and looks can be radically improved with uprated suspension and the Golf is no exception.

The Gaz Gold coilovers for the VW Golf Mk7 is suitable for street, track day and even outright competition vehicles – especially those that have been subject to extensive power upgrades.

The kit contains a pair of full coilover units for the front, with GAZ adjustable dampers, lowered springs and height adjustable spring seats for the rear.

Coming with 60mm of height adjustment means you have plenty of scope to get your car’s fitment on point, while the multi-grade high viscosity index fluid inside the dampers helps resist fade under extreme conditions.

As well as height adjustment, the GAZ Gold units also feature bump and rebound damping adjustment that can be altered while on the vehicle by means of an easily accessible adjuster knob.

All units are individually tested before leaving the factory and are covered by a two year warranty.

Price: £1277.10