If your car doesn’t have any reversing aids fitted as standard, a backup camera is the easiest way to add a high-tech aftermarket solution. Here’s our pick of the best reverse cameras.

A reverse camera is arguably the best choice of aftermarket parking aid you can fit to your car. You don’t need to drill the bumpers, and you can clearly see what’s behind you. Plus, you can pick one up for very little money, similarly to dash cams. You really can’t go wrong with a reverse camera, but there are some key things to look for. You want a good field of vision, good low-light video, and ease of installation is always a bonus. We’ve picked five reverse cameras that tick all the boxes, and there’s something for every budget. So read on to see our choice of the best reverse cameras you can buy.

How we chose these products

Although we haven’t been able to test these products first-hand, Fast Car has a vast amount of experience behind the wheel. So, we know what to look for when sourcing a reverse camera, as outlined above.

Editor’s Note:

Elizabeth has been an automotive writer for many years, and is currently the editor of Total BMW magazine. During that time she’s become a highly experienced driver and used a whole host of car tech, including cameras. As such, her opinion is one which you can trust.

Best Reverse Camera In 2024

eRapta backup camera

HD eRapta ERT01

RRP: from $24.69, buy it here. £43.44, buy it here.

If you’ve already got a screen in your car, the eRapta ERT01 backup camera is the perfect choice. It’s small, cheap, and cheerful, and you can’t go wrong for the price. It features a six-glass lens and 10 LED lights for enhanced night vision. The camera is IP69K waterproof-rated, so you can be sure it will handle whatever the weather throws at it. The eRapta ERT01 offers 720P resolution and a 148° viewing angle. It also comes with two brackets, making it easy to install on your licence plate or mounted in another position. It comes with a 26ft RCA video and a power cable. This budget backup camera is hard to beat for the money.

GLK backup camera

GLK License Plate Backup Camera

RRP: $33.99, buy it here. Not available in the UK.

The GLK license plate backup camera does away with any fiddly camera mounting. The camera is integrated into a licence plate surround, which makes installing it nice and easy. The camera delivers a 960×576 resolution and a 170° viewing angle and can be adjusted vertically by up to 45°. It also features a strip of seven LEDs, with a light sensor that only turns them on when it’s dark. There are also parking lines overlaid on the display as standard. The camera is also rated as IP67 waterproof, so it will cope with the elements with ease. Finally, the GLK backup camera comes with an extra-long 32.8ft RCA cable. This is a smart backup camera that mounts discreetly and simply, and it’s good value, too.

Rohent R3 reverse camera

Rohent R3 Backup Camera Monitor

RRP: $89.99, buy it here

There are countless backup camera and monitor kits available, but the Rohent is our pick. You get a six-glass lens 1080P camera and a 4.3” monitor with adjustable parking lines, which is a nice touch. The monitor also has two video inputs, so you can add a second camera. This is handy if you want a front view or hitch view, as well. The Rohent camera is IP69 waterproof-rated and features seven LEDs with an ambient light sensor. You can also choose one of two ways to power the camera and monitor. You can either power them directly from your 12V plug or connect them to your car’s wiring directly. It’s an impressive backup camera, and it’s also great value for money. An excellent choice.

Auto-Vox CS-2

RRP: $119.99. buy it here. £115.99, buy it here.

Spend a little more money, and you can get a wireless backup camera system, like the AUTO-VOX CS-2. It comes with a 4.3” monitor, which features adjustable parking lines. The 480P camera has a 110° viewing angle to minimize distortion. It also features a five-glass lens and a 0.1-lumen rating for clear video in low-light conditions. An IP68 waterproof rating, meanwhile, means it will handle whatever the elements can throw at it without breaking a sweat.

The big draw of this kit is the fact that it’s wireless. This means you don’t need a wire going from the camera to the monitor. Instead, you just mount the camera, and then connect it up to the car’s wiring for power and a reverse signal. Then up front, the monitor simply plugs into your 12V socket, and that’s it. The plug even features a USB socket, so you can charge a device while the monitor is plugged in. The Auto-Vox CS-2 is a smart backup camera that’s easy to install and performs really well.

Auto-Vox Solar Wireless Backup Camera

RRP: $149.99, buy it here. £159.99, buy it here.

If you’re looking for a truly wireless solution, this is it. The Auto-Vox Solar backup camera doesn’t need splicing into your car’s wiring. It takes minutes to install, and it’s ready to go. The camera features a 3350mAh battery, meaning it needs no external power source. Even during rainy seasons, it will absorb enough sunlight to last for three months of average use. And if you need to, you can charge it via the micro USB port. Then you simply connect the 5” monitor to your 12V socket and power it up to sync with the camera.

The 480P camera has a 110° viewing angle and is IP69K waterproof-rated. It also features superb low-light performance and can be adjusted vertically up to 70°. You also get parking lines and a USB socket in the monitor’s power cable. It’s the most expensive backup camera here, but it’s also the simplest and easiest to fit. For the sheer convenience it offers the Auto-Vox Solar backup camera is arguably the pick of the bunch.

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