A good car vacuum cleaner will help keep your carpets and mats nice and clean – here’s our guide to the best car vacuum cleaner.

These days you are spoilt for choice when shopping for a car vacuum cleaner. From dedicated plug-ins to lightweight and cordless or big, powerful and corded, there’s a vacuum for everyone. The choice is a little overwhelming, so we’ve put together a selection of our favorites here. Whether you want something cheap and cheerful or a vacuum you can also use at home, this selection has you covered. To up your cleaning game, be sure to check out our on what is car detailing.

Best Car Vacuum Cleaner In 2024

Gtech Multi MK2

RRP: $212.15 / £169.99. Buy the Gtech Multi Mk2 here.

Gtech car vacuum cleaner

If you’re looking for a handheld vacuum that you can use at home or in the car, the Gtech ticks all the boxes. Weighing 1.5kg, it’s compact and easy to handle in all vacuuming situations. The powered brush bar is excellent at lifting stubborn dirt off surfaces. The crevice nozzle gets into tight spots, and it also comes with an extension tube and dusting brush. A 4-hour charge will give you up to 20 minutes of vacuuming time, more than enough to clean your interior. There’s even an LED headlight to help you spot dirt in dark corners. You can also buy a car accessory kit for even better in-car vacuuming performance. A fantastic vacuum that’s great for the home and your car.

Worx WX030 CubeVac

RRP: $130.00 / £109.00. Buy the WORX Cube Vac here.

Worx car vacuum cleaner

Compact, portable and incredibly handy, the Worx Cubevac is a great vacuum. The minimalist cube styling makes the Cubevac entirely self-contained, meaning you don’t need to carry any extra bits with you. The flexi hose wraps around the handle, while the crevice and brush nozzle attachments slot into the body. Meanwhile, the one-touch emptying system quickly and easily ejects dirt once you’re done. You get up to 25 minutes of suction on one charge, which is impressive. And, while you do need two hands, having the nozzle on a flexi hose makes it very easy to get into nooks and crannies. A very impressive and portable little vacuum.

Eufy HomeVac H11 Pure

RRP: $60.00 / £49.99. Buy the Eufy HomeVac H11 here.

Slim, small, and stylish, the Eufy HomeVac H11 Pure is an excellent all-rounder. Compact, practical and surprisingly powerful, this miniature marvel punches well above its weight – literally. Tipping the scales at just over 500g, it’s a lightweight powerhouse. The 13 minutes of runtime is reasonable, but micro USB charging makes powering it back up super-easy. It comes with a two-in-one crevice tool for extra versatility, and the end cap lets you store it upright, saving space. It’s very reasonably priced, too. The only downside is the small dirt capacity, but that’s an equally small complaint. A very competent and compact vacuum that really impresses.

Kärcher WD 2 Plus

Kärcher car vacuum cleaner

Cheap, versatile and powerful, the Kärcher WD 2 Plus is a superb do-it-all vacuum. It’s a tough machine designed for both home and outdoor use. The 1.8m-long flexible hose makes it easy to manoeuvre. The broad head makes vacuuming mats and carpets easy. The thin nozzle, meanwhile, makes getting into tight spots a breeze. The WD stands for wet and dry, which means you can also use this vacuum for sucking up spills. It’s got a powerful 1000W motor which delivers impressive performance. It also has a blower motor, which you can use to dry your car. The icing on the cake is the very reasonable price. If you’re looking for a versatile all-rounder, you can’t beat this Kärcher offering.

RRP: $99.00 / £67.99. Buy the Kärcher WD2 Plus here. American audiences can buy the WD3 here instead.

Bosch UniversalVac 18

Price: £90.16 from OnBuy. Not available in the US. Buy the Bosch UniversalVac 18 here.

This unassuming vacuum impresses with its array of accessories, and it’s exceptional value for money. As you’d expect from a company like Bosh, this vacuum is very well-equipped on all fronts. It weighs 1.3kg, offers up to 18 minutes of runtime, and has a large 500ml dust container. You also get a floor nozzle, brush nozzle, and crevice nozzle, plus two extension tubes and an accessory holder. This allows the UniversalVac 18 to tackle all your vacuuming needs with ease. It is perhaps a little bulky, but that’s about the only gripe we’ve got. For around £50, this is a fantastic and incredibly versatile vacuum.

Black + Decker NVC115JL-GB

Price: £24.96 from OnBuy. Not available in the US. Buy the Black + Decker NVC115JL-GB here.

If you want a cheap and cheerful vacuum that you can grab for quick cleaning, this is it. Let’s be clear, this is a no-frills offering from Black + Decker. You get no attachments, no wall mount, and you even have to hold the power button down to use it. Also, you only get 12 minutes of vacuuming on a full charge, but that’s enough. But it costs just over £20, has a generous 325ml capacity, and weighs under 1kg. If you want a cheap vacuum solely for your car, at this price you can’t go wrong.

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