Air Lift Performance Suspension Kit for Subaru Impreza
When it comes to AWD performance the Subaru Impreza platform is one of the best in the business! The unique song of its flat-four engine and super-aggressive styling has made it a firm favourite of tuners and enthusiasts worldwide, especially when stanced on a killer set of wheels.

But the Impreza is a super-fast car spawned in the world of rallying – who wants to ruin that awesome performance by excessively lowering the suspension? Well our friends at Air Lift Performance have the perfect solution, offering Subaru fanatics the best of both worlds…

From tearing up the racetrack to sitting pretty at shows, the Air Lift Performance kit will transform your Subaru at the push of a button! Awesome eh?

The Air Lift Performance engineering team boasts more than 35 years of road racing experience and they even use that experience to compete in open track events using their own 550hp STi (see below).

Unleashing this potential is the use of 30-way adjustable monotube struts (front and rear) that allow a serious range of damping to suit your driving needs. From super stiff to comfort soft, each driver can dial in their preferred handling feel by altering the rebound and compression together.

And get this, each Air Lift strut weights less than the coil spring parts you remove, reducing unsprung weight to further improve ride and handling.

Take a closer look and you’ll see camber-adjustable plates on both front and rear struts for easy and precise adjustment.

Air Lift Performance Suspension Kit for Subaru Impreza

What sets these struts apart from traditional coilovers is the addition of progressive-rate air springs creating a stable platform for aggressive track driving along with a level of comfort not typically found with lowered suspension.

A total adjustment of up to 4.25-inches (front) and 4.8-inches (rear) is available at the touch of a button – more than enough to tackle the biggest obstacles and harsh road conditions!
Air Lift Performance Suspension Kit for Subaru Impreza
Fits all Subaru Impreza/WRX/STI chassis vehicles from 1992-2007.

Price £POA

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