3m car wraps

We all know that nowadays vehicle wrapping is big business in the modified car universe but, with US giant 3M coming on board, it’s set to go nothing short of mental!

These guys are world leaders when it comes to commercial wraps, advertising and trucks and they’re gearing up to take car wrapping to the next level with a network of authorised vehicle wrappers and massive selection of crazy new colours and finishes.

The thing about 3M is, even though they make over 50,000 products, everything from Post-it notes and asthma inhalers, to sandpaper and medal-winning trainers, they still find time to develop new colours for their vehicle wraps all the time.

They even have a ‘printable’ vinyl where you can ask them to lob on a design of your choosing. That’s probably why they’re the biggest vinyl manufacturer in the world and the brand that most wrappers already insist on.

Price £POA

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