With new circuits constantly being added to the F1 calendar, Motorsport News wants to know which F1 track do you miss the most from the season? 

Since the inception of the Formula 1 World championship in 1950, circuits have been added to and dropped from the schedule regularly.

And fan popularity tends not to be a chief consideration for whether a track is retained or not. Instead safety, politics or – most likely – money are the common factors. As if to underline the point, current favourite Spa is the latest to be mooted for the chop.

With our new Motul UK-supported poll we want to know which F1 track you miss the most. We’ve come up with our shortlist of 10 of the best that are no longer on the calendar, and now it’s over to you.

Motorsport News editor Matt James said: “Formula 1 is continuously expanding its horizons and looking to new venues. But it is worth taking a look back and remembering the history of grand prix racing.

“Some truly iconic tracks have been lost along the way, and we have taken a meander down memory lane to unearth our shortlist. We would love to have your opinions to unearth your favourites. Check out the shortlist below and make your nominations.”