Race helmet designs are one way that drivers add individualism to the grid, but what’s your favourite design? Vote now in the Motorsport News poll!

A driver can express their individuality in so many ways – it is not only with the talent they display on the racetrack. And, foremost among the ways a driver can make a mark is their race helmet design.

In the modern world of motorsport, it is harder and harder to see the flashes of colour that were so identifiable in the past. It is particularly more difficult with halos and aeroscreens, although those are vital developments.

Another trend among the modern generation of racers is to swap designs to either dovetail with the demands of backers or to bring attention to any particular causes they feel need highlighting.

We are on the hunt for your favourite race helmet design, and we have narrowed down a shortlist to 10 – which was hard enough in itself. Now it is over to you. We would like you to cast your eye over the ones we have picked out and select your favourites.

Motorsport News editor Matt James said: “There are a wide variety of different colour schemes out there and some of the most identifiable crash helmets are the plain designs, such as Stirling Moss of Jim Clark. But a splash of colour has been a trademark for most since the early 1970s, and we are on a quest to find the best. Click on your favourite below to register your opinion.”