With news that the Lola name has been bought, Motorsport News wants to know which Lola race car is your favourite?

The news that Till Bechtolsheimer has bought the Lola name has many fans excited. One of the most prestigious car racing firms has had fresh life breathed into it, and the future for the once-great firm seems like it is on an upward trajectory once more.

So that got us thinking, and we polled our assembled experts to try and pin down which was the favourite machine produced by the Huntingdon firm.

Naturally, opinions vary and that can be down to which era of race cars an enthusiast grew up with and which branch of motorsport captured the heart.

We have narrowed down our selection to 10 of the best Lola race cars that have made an impact with our reporters. You might not agree, and you are welcome to let us know at matt.james@kelsey.co.uk.

Motorsport News editor Matt James said: “Over the years, Lola has launched hundreds of motorsport careers through its easy-access sportscars and single-seaters, and each have made an impact in their own right. We decided it was time to discover the greatest Lola race car of all.”