The Ford Capri is making a comeback, but this time as an electric SUV Crossover. And while Ford says the legend is back, Jules strongly disagrees.

Ford posted a social media reel with former footballer Eric Cantona trying to plug an electric charger into a classic Capri, with the words ‘THE LEGEND IS BACK’ written on the rear screen and 10.07.2024 shown. Now, it was highly unlikely that Eric was thinking of coming out of retirement at the age of 58, (although he’d probably still put the current Manchester United squad to shame). Which meant Ford was readying the unveiling of a new electric Ford Capri. Along came July 10th and inevitably Ford lifted the covers off its all-new Capri, a moniker that hasn’t been seen since 1986. Eric Cantona will do anything for money these days, and the same could be said about Ford who are trying to cash in on the heritage of a legend.

Unfortunately, instead of being an affordable rear-wheel-drive coupe for hairy chested men, the new Capri will be an electric crossover SUV based on the VAG MEB platform designed to take on VW’s ID 5 and Peugeot e-3008 on the school run.

side profile shot of new Ford Capri front on shot of Ford Capri

About The New Ford Capri – The Boring Bit

The new model is anticipated to be identical to the Ford Explorer underneath, offering three EV powertrains with outputs between 168 bhp and 335 bhp. It will come with either a 52 kWh or a 77kWh battery pack, delivering a range of up to 374 miles. Charging speeds will reach up to 170kW.

The new Ford Capri also comes equipped with Ford’s latest driver-assistance technologies, such as adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, and a sophisticated infotainment system powered by SYNC 4. The car supports over-the-air updates, ensuring that its software remains up-to-date with the latest features and improvements.

new Ford Capri wheels LED Lights

Elephant in the Room

Ford are starting to make a habit of bringing back legendary names and then tarnishing them with the mediocre machines that bare them. I have no problem with manufactures resurrecting names from the past, but at least do them justice by having some kind of resemblance to the original. Renault managed it with the new 5, Honda is looking like they’re doing the same with the Prelude. But Ford’s philosophy is somewhat bizarre. It’s rather like Nike relaunching the Air Jordan as a Croc or Cadbury’s bringing back the Time Out bar as a cucumber. What’s next? The Sierra RS Cosworth EV van?

Ford, are you sure you haven’t misplaced a couple of letters when naming this car? I can think of a far more appropriate name for the new Ford Capri. The legend certainly isn’t back!

new Ford Capri interior new Ford Capri rear 3/4 shot

Proper Fords

Now, if you want to see some proper Ford Capris, as well as other legendary blue ovals that use combustion engines, head to Silverstone on the 11th of August for the UK’s biggest Ford event, Ford Fair. Check out the event preview here, or head to the Ford Fair website to purchase tickets.

Ford Fair